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Insanity's Journal.
This is a journal that I am doing here on Gaia, I will write about the things that are popular, perhaps dance progress, performances, and a lot of other things. Well enjoy!
So this is day two of Insanity's Journal and I just wanna talk about the topic on which game is better, Halo 4 or Black ops 2. I personally think Halo 4 is better due to the major improvement and new features, but lets compare the two games and see what you guys think.

So as I was saying about Halo 4's new features, the game features a new custom class set up. Yes I know you all must be thinking "Halo copied COD!" Well I'll be nice and just say this, Shut the ******** up, because COD wasn't the first game to have custom classes and perks. Everyone steals ideas from one another, got a problem with it? Well deal with it. Anyways, as I was saying before Halo 4 also has new enemies, a brand new infection game play featuring the flood, weapons, and perks. I personally think this was a huge improvement in the Halo games. Not only are those things cool and all but when Halo 4 came out it might have broken the world record of having millions and millions of players playing on the release. I'm not sure what the number is but its way up there haha if you want to know the amount of players then go Google it.

Now on to Black Ops 2, yes the game is great but before buying the game I recommend you read this. From what I heard there are a lot of bugs and glitches in the game so far, I know Halo 4 may be experiencing the same problems but I don't hear much hate for the game as to Black Ops 2. Like one problem a friend of mine who does COD videos and other game videos on Youtube he was experiencing a glitch or something with his DragonFire or whatever it is on Nuke Town 2025. He couldn't deploy it while others could leaving him with a useless score streak. Oh and yeah I mean score streak, its not kill streak anymore its score streak, which is just based on your scoring you get in the game. Like for example if you score 1000 points in a game you'll be rewarded the score streak you chose such as a UAV. I would say more about the game's new features but I wanna hop in and say what I personally think about the game after seeing a few game plays. I honestly think that the game is great but with all the bugs and glitches I rather wait on it till they are fixed. And the fact that they pretty much screwed up the campaign is something else too, like its COD is not supposed to be futuristic warfare. Anyways, I think its a waste because you could just play the first Black Ops if you have it since it has zombies, and a online multiplayer, I say this because Black Ops 2 is more of a remake to me than a new game. You have Black Ops 2 which only has a better graphics and a upgraded zombies mode. The campaign was ******** with making it not like the other COD games. So if I were you guys I would just stick with the first Black Ops.

Well those are my opinions on the two games, I hope you guys don't hate on me just for what I said. Oh by the way, my friend who makes the COD/other game videos on Youtube is chaoslorddavid. Hes a pretty good player not the best but good.

Well have a great evening!
- Insanity

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