I had another dream about Jill.
This was a rather strange dream.

We weren't in a real place. It was all black. Parts of the ground missing, but still there to collide with. A lot of walls, and tunnels. Bits of blue light, like lamp posts scattered sparingly about. It was a very lonely place. It's kind of hard to explain. I was just, there with Jill. We talked a lot. Probably about the things I'd actually like to talk about.

She would walk off, and I would walk off. And we'd meet at another part of the place. We walked together, and talked about things.

I knew Jill would be leaving, soon. And I thought about how lonely I'd be in this semi-abstract place without any company. Least of all, Jill's company.

Kind of amazing these things all happen merely in my head.

I wish I'd have had enough time to really talk with Jill when I met her in person.
I guess her presence was too stunning, and I couldn't relax.
But that's part of the past, now.