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Kiyoko's Journal
✿ Name:Kiyoko

Name Meaning:

✿ Gender:Female

Age:14-16(Age Varies Depending On Dimension)

✿ Race:Varies(Race Varies Depending On Dimension,But Originated As A Vocaloid)

Sexual Orientation(Preference):Males(But Also Len-Sexual When Around Len Kagamine)

✿ Personality:Kiyoko Is A Very Kinda,Cute,And Quiet Type Of Girl Who Is Very Pure.She Is Easily Flustered When She Receives Too Much Male Attention.Also,When You Make Just One Little Remark Or Action She's Naturally Set To Have A Drastic Change In Emotions.She Could Easily Go From Happy To Suicidal,Even Though This Implies For Most Emotions She Has.She Has A Hard Time Being Happy,Which Is Why Once She's Angry Or Sad She's Fixed On Staying That Way.Normally Her Eyes Are Glowing And She Has A Little To A Lot Of Blush On Her Face,But When She Goes Into An Emotionless State There's Not Even A Spark Or Speck Of Pinkness To Be Found.
At First She May Seem Very Timid,But That's Just Because She's Afraid To Make You Angry Or Uncomfortable.She Has A Hard Time Making Friends Quickly(But She Still Has Many People Who Want To Be Her Friend,She Just Doesn't Know That)When She's Around Too Many People,Because It Overwhelms Her.She Is Easily Startled,So She's A Perfect Subject To Pranks.She's Also Very Weak,But Can Handle Many Things Girls Can't Such As Bugs,Slimy Things,Blood And Gore,Though,She's Subject To Anxiety When Cute Things Are Made Into Something Utterly Repulsive.But Other Than That She's Quite Happy To Have Company Regardless.

History:(Kiyoko's History Varies Depending On Which Dimension Currently Stated in)

✿ Present Location:Vocaloid's Dimension

Dreams:She Wants To Be The Best At What She Does,A Multi-Language Master,A Pokemon Game Master,To Receive Her First Kiss,And To Be Loved By Someone Who Would Die For Her Well Being.

✿ Fears:Losing The Person That Owns Her Heart,Being Unwanted/Hated,Being Touched Inappropriately,And Knowing That She Just Ruined Somebody's Day.


✿ Likes:





Pokemon/RPG/Game Consoles

Over Sized Sweaters/Sleeves

Cute Things

Blushing Males




Comedy/Drama Shows


Vegetables And Fruits


Slow Music

Bad Grammar

Having Breasts(Even Though They're Smaller Than An A-Cup)

Morons/Imbeciles/Idiotic People

Homosexual Haters




Feminine Things/Products

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  • [11/13/12 10:09pm]
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