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Distraught Dream

If I sold some non-doll things at the lowest MP, still couldn't afford bunny slippers.
Let alone super reluctant about selling so many things I enjoy using, worked for and/or were gifted. smilies/icon_neutral.gif

Padmavati's Lotus -around 500k.
Runcible Spoon just over 500k.
Hollywood Tease almost 300k.
Hollywood Starlet around 600k.
Hollywood Vixen around 100k.
Hollywood Dream around 150k.
CoCo Kitty Plushie around 700k.
Radio Jack around 700k.
Gogh Reed around 1.1m.
Dappy Dandy around 700k.
Black Swan just under 1m.
Y Paddle around 800k.
Lawful Master around 800k.
Forteanagoria around 400k.
Embarrassed Dream just over 1m.
Shika Deer around 1.7m
KiKi Kitty Plushie around 1.2m.
Thea the Unicorn emotion_smilies/icon_drool.png I paid around 50m, its currently anywhere from 4m-17m.
Arion the Pegasus {which Addison has to match Thea} around 7m.
Playful Succubus around 5m.
Midnight Rainbow around 3m.
Dark Lady Soldier Sake around 700k.
Prince Dashing around 40k.
Angelic Lace around 100k.
Magical Girl's Yellow Uniform around 70k.
Father's Armor around 30k.
The Blue Rabbit around 100k.
Lady Unicorn around 300k.
Gambino's Platinum Treasures around 100k.
Gambino's Golden Treasures around 200k.
Ebony and Ivory just over 700k.
Lovely Lucie just over 17m.
AFK just over 11m.
Mercury's Moon just over 7m.
Kanoko's Dark Reflection over 3m.
Magical Mender almost 2m.
Gaia-tan almost 2m.

Would fund a lot of dolls, just wouldn't be worth it.
Re-questing anything would be hopeless.
I'll just have to set-aside a goal and get it done in time.

Unfortunately somewhat looking forward to when SDPlus dolls end.