You open up my heart with your love and caring words
You help me see things as they really are and not how they can be
When we talk I know I can tell you almost anything and know you well listen
I know im not just a burden to you but a best friend in your part

You’re a best friend indeed in my part as well
Your someone I can trust and someone I know even though so you far away I know your with

me by spirit
The bond we share is special as are hearts become one and we start to understand one another feelings
Without the need to ask what’ wrong
I think of are hearts as one as they sync together making our bond even stronger then ever

I know no matter what are paths have in store and whatever are destiny may take us each of us well always have a special place in each others hearts because the love we share for each other and this friendship that we share
Well keep burning brighter until the very end and until we blow are last breath of life but even in after we leave this world are bond shall bring us together in heaven so even if we never where meant be together in this world in the next we well find a way and we well keep being friends no matter what

but true friendship never dies and i know yours and mine well always last no matter what because the bond we share well just keep growing strong and nothing not distance or anything well stand in the way of are friendship ♥ ~pepper