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A Love That Is Strong
I always told her that I loved her from the first year we met yes it took me that long to tell her because I was afraid she would run even though I was bi-curious at the time I still lusted after her. Now we are adults she is 22 and i'm 24 with a daughter on my hip. Our history may have changed even our friendship as we all know you never give up on someone you love. This is the person I am in love with Sheila Marie Jarrett my best friend for literally over 12 years yes that is the truth 12 years not 9 1/2 because I met her in early teens before I went on Fubar,Smutvibes and what not I went to Allpoetry an she was the first person I could be friends with an more. No one has ever known about her due to the fact I hid it not unless I spoke to you before about it in private emails or letters, now it is out. I am in a relationship with her and couldn't be happier, to make it more clear that I plan on marrying her one day that has always been in my mind wasn't marry to someone else okay maybe a few males but they have other plans which is fine. So to clear it up I will say this I love Sheila and always will along with my daughter. I found my happiness hope everyone else does too.

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