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Long about me

Name: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.MelissaUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.
Date of Birth: Feb/13/82
Birthplace: NY USA
Current Location: PA
Eye Color: Honey brown
Hair Color: Dark brown
Height: 5'2"
Heritage: Jewish
Piercings: 0 =( i have long story
Tattoos: Want one but I can't I am a baby

Band/Singer: Too many lets say old school singers classic rock
Song/s: Well I do have a long list but some more recently there's: KT TUNSTALL - Black Horseand The Cherry Tree, Roisin Murphy - Ramalama Bang Bang, Courtney and Mark The Garden and more
Movie: Lots ask and I'll tell you some
Disney Movie: Too many
TV show: Black butler, InuYasha, Heroes , CSI, South Park, The Daily show, Bleach, XXXHolic, school rumble, moonphase, ouran host clubSunday night adult swim, flash forward and so much more.
Color: Green, purple, blue
Food: Cheese cake
Ice-Cream Flavor: Ummm??? Vanilla??? That is for the most part
Soda: Grape
Store: Avenue, hottopic and so on..
Clothing Brand: ???
Shoe Brand: None
Season: Fall and spring
Month: Not sure
Holiday/Festival: Hanukkah, Thanksgiving and passover (done right)
Flower: Just about any Orchid and there is one called the spider flower
Make-Up Item: eye shadow
Board game: Sorry

Goal for this year: Make more really good true friends, drink more out side of the house, get over fears like being around people
Most missed memory: If moment I miss most, not sure
Best physical feature: My eyes
First thought waking up: I tend to remember my very last dream I had
Preferred type of plastic surgery: Those people need for health reasons not just because they just want
Fairytale alter ego: Tink, she was the first bad a** on Disney plus she got me into fairies
Most stupid remark: ??
Worst crime: None
Greatest ambition: To work with kids again someday. To find my love out there though I am not looking madly like others do
Greatest fear: To die or watch loved ones die, heights too but nothing is as bad as the first two.
Darkest secret: I won't share it here
Favorite subject: Science and History though I was good at English
Strangest received gift: A key chain bell
Worst habit: Saying yes too often, being kind to all even those who don't deserve it (Though Ray says I am getting better at that)

Smoke: no
Drink: A lest once a week
Curse: Yes as much as I like to but not like crazy
Shower daily: yes!
Like thunderstorms: no
Dance in the rain: I did maybe once or twice
Sing: Yes I was on stage and the whole bit twice
Play an instrument: Yes, if you hit Buttercup (our cat) just right lol
Get along with your parents: One out of two ant bad?
Wish on stars: I use to
Believe in fate: sorta
Believe in love at first sight: Yes

BEST FRIEND:My sister Rachael

LIKES: Good nice people, going out and having a good time. I love out doors and the internet duh. I can draw just not very good. I have pets rats as you can see. I love going to the city for fun. Broadway shows are a must see, I saw Phantom of the Opera about four times.I love museums, I am into lots of movies but some horror O.O

DISLIKE:People without an open mind people who think they are better then others.

FAVORITE BOOK/S:Harry Potter, Eragon, Tom and the unicorn and more

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