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Control Your Piece, Man.
There has always been the controversial topic to bear arms and live up to our rights under the second amendment: to bear arms. There are varying opinions about being either solely against the thought of having a weapon on your person or standing by the right to have something to defend yourself. When will people see that the purpose of a gun is to shoot and cause harm and that it can actually literally backfire? I believe stricter regulations of obtaining guns should be in order such as criminal record checks, health checks or, time delays when a customer receives their “piece”.
Criminal records and mental health checks have been suggested by many people concerned with people wielding guns that legislators actually “…proposed criminal record or mental health background check included in the "Report to the President" submitted by the Interdepartmental Working Group on Violence in the U.S.” (Wright, James D. 50-51) If there was an ex-convict on the streets who was within his or her legal rights to have a firearm on his or her person there is always a great chance of them abusing it or anyone for that matter. I believe so mostly because you could be an ex-convict, of course, or a mentally unstable person as long as you are a citizen and take a class for registration. ←(Revise.)

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