You know when you plan something, and it actually goes out how you planned?

No? Neither did I.. until today!!

'Kay so after an unusually long-feeling school day, I went to ChinaTown, as planned.

I planned to take Aurora and Kalvin, though I wasn't too sure about Kalvin.
Turns out, both of them were able to come with me, and so they both, well, came with me. 3nodding

Next, we went to Dragon City Mall, which is the largest shopping center in all of ChinaTown. I like going to the upper area of the mall. I mean, it looks pretty oriental, even the sanitation is that that you'd find in Asia. xp The upstairs of the mall has stores too. I like it there because they sell things cheaper. And the people are nice.

So there I go, in Goofy Gloves and Silly Socks, which is the name of my favourite store in Dragon City Mall.

Here, I already planned it all out. I would ask for one contact design, and then settle on the yellow one.

I intended originally to get pure yellow contacts. I thought that something would happen, and I'd have to choose again.

I didn't know what to choose other than yellow. So instead of asking for the pure yellow one first, I ask for another one (also yellow, but with red lines coming from the outside to the center). The person said they might not have it, and later she confirmed she didn't have it. So I ask to the pure yellow one.

And I got it.

See, moments before I entered the store, I TOTALLY PLAYED THIS EXACT SCENARIO in my head before everything happened. After I bought my contacts, I was like, "woooaah. I knew I was psychic." cool

So yeah.. I'm quite happy. This is the first time things went as I planned. biggrin

Tomorrow's Halloween as well as two of my friends' birthdays. Triple event day! Woo! 4laugh

I feel as though I'm a bit too enthusiastic. sweatdrop don't get me wrong, I am truly happy here.

I just put my contacts in the solution. My sister says I have to keep them in there for six hours before proceeding to testing it.

I actually put them in expired solution. Oh wells. My parents bought more solution, and I recently switched it to that.

Expired solution? It isn't too scary, honestly. If it's REALLY EXPIRED, then ew. The solution I used first just expired some days ago. Expired solution is a gamble, I'd say. Like milk.

The milk expiration date? It's not exact. The milk could expire a few days before, or a few days after. It's a gamble whether or not you drink it. Unless, of course, you're lactose-intolerant.. Then maybe you shouldn't drink it at all?

Well, I think that's enough for today, eh? I'll write more tomorrow, maybe.

I'm actually hosting a sleep-over for a few of my friends. It's the first sleep-over my house has hosted, and the second sleep-over I've participated in. I'm moderately excited. biggrin

I'm going to go read now. I have to finish a novel by the weekends. If I don't start reading now, I'll be screwed later.

Heh, Yeeap. I'm going to go then.

Bye byes! And good night if it's night where you are. wink

Also, as always (unless I forget one day..) thanks for reading!! I really do appreciate it. 3nodding