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Just another journal..
It is a... journal of a wolf..
Utauloid notes
Okay, I'm making a utauloid for my friend and I'm just using this to help me remember everything ignore this please. and they are NOT Official/Real utauloids. If I post some songs on youtube and it ends up being real, that'd be ******** amazing, but that is EXTREMELY unlikely so I'm just doing this for fun.

For my friend:
Name: Kinomi
Age: 15
Height: 5'10
Gender: Female
Hair color/length: Light pink, mid back/upper thigh
Eye color: Pink
Skin color
Outfit: White hoodie, Black short shorts, black flats with white thigh high socks.
Likes: Not decided
Dislikes: Not decided
Fist song this utauloid will sing is Another world is mine. Idk how to do the pitches yet.. so it will take me a while before anything is posted..

Okay, and here is for my utauloid that I'm going to make from my voice..
Name: Kamu
Age: 21
Height: 6'1
Gender: Male
Hair color/length: Black/blonde(changes depending on the personality, down to the neck (best explanation, Some where between Rook's and Kaito's hair length)
Eye color: blue,red, changes depending on the personality
Skin: tanish
Outfit: Black suit with a red tie or dark jeans and a black T-shirt. allways wears a eyepatch on one eye and switches it depending on his personality at the time.
Likes: Sushi
Dislikes: Sour things.
Aditional: Kamu has a split personality. it switches back and forth when ever the eyepatch changes on a diffrent eye..(blue is more calm, happy, and positive. brown is angry, mad, negative) if it isn't on at all then he is in the Netural. Which means Grey eyes and brown hair
Picture of his Positive: http://i1071.photobucket.com/albums/u517/EpicKamkam/33312F09-A141-433D-A4F8-93C3B61BA459-719-0000015B6D635BFE_zps3a84f1b0.jpg
Picture of his Netural: Woking on it
Picture of his Negitive: Woking on it

And for anyone that does read this, I TOLD YOU NOT TO lolol nah, its fine. I'll be posting pictures soon ( i draw them my self) and hopefully will make my first song sometime next week. i still need to record my voice bank because I'm sick so i can't record it right now... And i will be updating this over time ;3

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