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My Stuff
I just write stuff that happens to me, or someone else, when I think it's important enough.
******** you.
I'm done giving advice and trying to help people. From here on out, I'll be the a*****e everyone seems to think I am, from now on I'll be the untrustworthy douchebag that people see me as.
I'm no longer giving any ******** about anyone who needs help.
I'm also giving up on the concept of trust since no matter what I do or how I prove that I'm lying I always get called out as a liar.
Be it with your ******** up love life, your stupid decisions, or your goddamned cat who got sick and died because you fed it chocolate when I clearly told you it was like poison to them, I don't ******** care. You won't listen to my ******** advice anyway. So, what's the ******** point in asking in the first place? Would you like me to instead tell you everything you want to hear? No, I won't. Instead, I'm simply going to tell you to ******** off if you ask for my help, and I'll do it in the most insulting and hurtful way possible.
Thank you for reading this. Now ******** off.

Shiki the Forsaken Prince
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    Angel Without Her Halo
    Community Member

    Wed Nov 21, 2012 @ 07:47am

    .w. ....
    That's all I have to say.

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