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I ended up making friends with the guy who loves cats in my photography class. Also the dude who looks like Jay from Jay and Silent Bob is 30/31 and has a 4 or 5 year old child who's extremely adorable by the way.

Things with Ira have been going incredibly well. I wish more of my friends could meet him but it's hard when the few friends I have live across the west coast and are busy with their own lives. Sometimes I send messages on facebook or a quick text message but only half the time do I ever get a reply. It's hard.

I'm getting better about being social. Every quarter it's a little bit easier to talk to a people in my class. It helps that I already knew one person before going into my math class, but Anthro is good. The man I sit next to is...odd. But nice. He runs a twitter page for a 3rd party Presidential candidate. He uses his netbook in class so I often find myself side-eyeing what he does. I also judge him because he uses IE as his web browser.

Speaking of twitter this girl followed me about a week ago and I went through her feed because I rarely ever get random followers. She's 18 and she's very open on her twitter. I don't know, something about her life was just fascinating and I followed her back. Sometimes that happens. I find a blogger (in this case someone on twitter) and I get attached to reading about their life. It's like I feed off reading about the drama in their life and I get happy for them when something goes well and upset for them when it doesn't. I still remember this one girl from the UK who's journal I read everytime I saw an update. Her life was fascinating. She would always write about getting drunk and the newest guy she had found. How hurt she was over vague things they'd do or things from her past. It was like reading a story and waiting for the next update. She eventually disappeared from the internet. But I still think about her every once in a while. The people I used to follow, but didn't know, still cross my mind from time to time. I always wish them well. I hope their lives improved and that's why they slipped away from the internet. I always want to imagine that they got better.

I'm rambling.

I can feel my moods changing with the seasons again. I'm happy this time around because I have Ira. He's so wonderful but this time of year is when I feel most isolated from those around me. I hope my parents are in California the majority of this winter because all I want to do is go back to living at his place. There's nothing better to me than kissing him before he falls asleep and waking up in the morning next to him.

I'll leave you guys on that note.