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Just another journal..
It is a... journal of a wolf..
I had a great day.. I got to school early and i was able to hang with the freshmen.. i made up the work that my mother made me miss.. and my teachers even said they were proud that im working so hard.. i have been working my a** off to make sure that i have my work in on time.. i was so happy when i checked my grades before i left because i had almost all A's.. 99% 98%,97%, and a 85%... I am so proud of my work.. but then the day went to s**t.. I road the buss home.. then i rang the door bell and waited a few min and no one answerd so i went around back and used the back door. my sister yelled at me when i came in and said that i need to stop braking in the house.. THE DOOR WAS UNLOCKED! ugh.. then later my mom came home and i told her what happend and she just said okay then went up stares... i decided to make some ramen so about 15 min i got done and I was just cleaning up my mess and was about to eat when my sister came down yelling at me.. then she got pissed because I ingored her and just kept cleaning the pot so she grabed my bowl of ramen and throw it all over the counter and hit me in the face.. I pushed her away so she wouldn't hit me again and then she hit me 3 more times then walked away and called my dad telling him that i hit her as soon as i came home for no reason. i just went back to what i was doing and cleaned up the mess she made and spent another 15min making another bowl of ramen. soon after i ate it my mother came down yelling at me basicly saying that everything was my falut and that i shouldn't even defend my self when she hits me.. she yelled at me for 1 and a half hours pretty much saying that it is all my falut and that i shouldn't ever even touch her for ANY reason even if she was about to kill me.. I CANT DO ANYTHING RIGHT! i cant even protect my self! i didn't harm her! she ever left a mark on my face where she hit me.. even now my mom is saying that i am wrong.. ******** i am just worthless aren't i? my sister even threw a rock at me the size of my ******** fist and my mom didn't care.. IF IT HIT ME I WOULD HAVE DIED! what the ********?? Do i really mean nothing to my ******** family??.. this is the first time in over a month that i actually cut my self..ugh.. i can't wait to get out of this place..i don't want to ever see my family again when i leave to go to england.. i just wanna be happy with her.. i love you ruko smilies/icon_heart.gif ..

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