Last Year is Last Year Hehehe its so kool cuz I just got my cards read I heard a lot about traveling so maybe once Im done in college I might travel around the world and its so funny cuz one of my friends is very ambition in getting a castle as a home and move to a diffrent country. Thats what probably mean by traveling that I might go see my friend out of state and I do believe she'll achieve her goal. Im happy and excited but a little ugghh cuz I gotta go through college before all this happens. I'm struggling tho So much reading, when you go to class proffesorss expect you to have a read a chapter and in class is all about disscusion of that chapter and test. If you dont read your praticly screwed.College is okay at first it was a big wow Im here but then I relized im all by myself half my friends failed only my bestie made it in the same college as me but even so that doesnt make a diffrence I got morning classes and she got afternoon there is a huge gap that we cant meet up an hangout. College is about education but doing crazy things with freinds too to have the ultimate college experience. i cant enjoy my college experience T^T well it doesnt bring me down so much I try to make new friend but no go we just see each other as classmates and lab partners or something. I invite them to sit with me but all attempts failed emotion_zzz Whatevs Im just glad its not so hard on me compared to other kiddos hehehe the're all old it creepy and some... awsome cuz they know stuff you dont.