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Character profiles and little stories
Gamble's Guner
Miranda lived a pretty good life, she had a job that really kept her moving. Which she enjoyed till one rookie mistake got her kicked off the squad. Her boyfriend not to far behind. The only job she could manage to get is being a bartender/waitress at her and Brian's favorite bar. She knew there were better jobs but she never really qualified for them. She also had to lie to get this job, she wasn't exactly legally supposed to have this job, the bartender part anyway.

She ran about placing and picking up drinks and constantly getting gamble a refill, which came out of her check. She sighed knowing it would be another late night and Brian would just b***h at her again about not spending time with him. Gamble stepped away from the pool table, drink in hand, and stepped up to the bar. He leaned against the smooth edged counter as he gave Guner that familiar evil yet charming look. Guner just sighed "Brian, don't. I'm busy." Brian just smirked "come on baby." Miranda spun around on her heels and held an empty bottle, pointing it straight at Brian "im serious, don't piss me off" she walked away throwing more empty bottles into the tray, breaking on impact. an occasional shard jumping out and cutting her arm. she dropped the tray on an empty table after the 9th shard. "hey. you alright" Brian became serious, he always was when it came to her safety. she held up her arm, her left arm that has his last name on it just like his right arm. there was shards stuck in the delicate flesh of her forearm. "here" Brian took her arm and started to pull the glass out. Miranda groaned from the pain, trying to squirm from his grasp but it was too tight. he held onto her arm, throwing the shards of glass into the tray. one of the waitresses came over to them "you go on ahead, i'll stay after tonight and take the rest of the week. you can have my cut" she said Miranda nodded as her co-worker handed her a towel to wrap her arm in. Brian snatched it and wrapped Miranda's arm up. though Brian did try to protect her, he grabbed her by her other arm and forcefully dragged her to the car. "ow. Brian your hurting me more the then glass did" she whined Brian loosened his grip but continued to pull her across the parking lot. once to the car he opened the passenger side and pushed her in, getting her buckle then closed the door and proceeded to the drivers side. after and 3-4 hours she was finally stitched up and let out.

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