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~Junkers~ My opened story book.
I'll tell you what is going on in my mind. You can either choose to run away or read each train wreck with a small grin. Your decision.
I'm kinda ******** it...I'm sad...again.
———› Don't feel pity for me. My masochistic antics are used to feeling neglected and unconcerned for. Just the way I like it.
No, I'm not going to b***h about my financial/social problems like they're infamous
life stories to tell all.
I'm just tired.
I'm tired.
I can handle rejection oh so well...but discrimination of my racial background from relatives is oh so...tiresome.
Should I just stop trying to attend family reunions and buy my own cake.
These frustrating incidents leave me to pick myself a part and figure out who exactly I am and who I want to continue to be. I hate those damn hypocrites.
It would probably be the same...considering why I don't pursue relationships anymore.
"When I wanted you, you looked down on me, now I attract you because I don't give you the time of day?"...yeah I'm talking about you...Iean...Morgan...Duany....N.Mira
I'm also tired of being told to pursue a person based off the fact that "I can do better than them"
Since when did my ranking skills become a matter in forming a relationship.
It is bad enough my social skills are s**t and I perform staring contests as a form of conversation.
I'm not feeling sorry for myself. Hell no!
The last thing I will have is low self esteem.
Besides...I have low esteem for everyone else *adjusts glasses*
I still don't like the world. I'm 100% convinced it's a ***** and a rapist.
One thing is for sure..I already have personal problems...I don't want sloppy alcoholic for a lover...I'm functional...and if it takes you 10minutes to unlock the front door...—
I will leave it at that.
Once again...I'm tired.
A group of drunks that I was related to, managed to discourage me, for who I am.
They squashed any hope that I was still attached to.
******** em'.

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