This is a Slayers role play group that takes place after the anime . If you wish
to join please make a character account on facebook. Original characters are
welcomed to join on us
Please be able to use google translator we have Spanish speaking members in here
Create stories in here
It is essential to anyone who wants to join our group to read the description
Here are the characters that we need; Rezo,Dynast
Gresherra,Sherra,Luke,Milania?, Beast Master Zelas, Gav,Valgav,Hellmaster,
Milgasia the golden dragon, Jilias, Xellos maybe, The gods of the Slayers realm
, Martina , and maybe Zangulus also if you wish to be anyone from the OVA's that
are still alive you can except for Naga she's taken Original characters are
welcomed for more information please contact me at AmeliaWilTeslaSeyruun my
facebook page
This is a group to recruit people for my facebook rp