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Character Profiles
Just a File for my RP character Profiles. If you find a character you'd like to RP with, send me a message and we can figure something out, ja? DO NOT USE ANY OF MY CHARACTERS WITHOUT PERMISSION!
Aislin Update- work in progress
Aislin Maeve Rosier

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Name Meaning:
There is no really coherent meaning behind Aislin's name, but if you want to really analyze it, it could be interpreted as an intoxicating beauty, or to expand on that, even, an Intoxicatingly beautiful rose. Her name follows the name pattern of her family, so, even though her last name holds French roots, her first and middle names have a more Gaelic origin, as was the case with her father, Evan Rosier

Her name is often shortened to simply "Lin" but only by family and people who are more familiar to her. To everyone else she insists on the more formal use of her proper name Aislin or Rosier.

Age, Date, Place of Birth:
March 15, 1983. She was born in a dirty apartment were her parents where evading the Auror's It was located in Muggle London. Exact location unknown.

Blood Status:


Hogwarts House and Year:
5th year Slytherin

She's more given to chaotic-evil, but she fights her urges as she would rather stay neutral.

Fir, 12.5 inches, Dragon heart string; Supple.

Aislin has inherited her mother's hair; A deep, rich mahogany, nearly ebony colour. Her hair cascades down to her waist in shinny, well cared for waves when it's left down.

At first glance, Aislin's eyes appear to be an unusually light, almost aqua-blue, but upon closer inspection, one may see that her eyes are truly a very light green, as if genetics had somehow captured warm tropical waters. The very outer ring of her eyes is just the opposite; where the inner iris is light, the very outer ring is a green so dark it is nearly black, as if she had uses eye liner on color in the eye itself

Body Type:
Aislin is a very petite girl, standing at only 5' 2" (157 cm) and weights in at only 110 lbs. Her limbs are slender and long, and have a delicate shape to them, rather than simple scrawniness. There is also an amble swell of Breasts for her size and age and a small flare of hips, barely noticeable under her school robes.

Unique Features:
Her eyes are pretty startling, but other than that she has a horrible burn scar covering and trailing down her right shoulder. It's something that she keeps hidden under clothes if she can help it.

This simply isn't something that she is considering pursuing.

Face Claim:
Mila Kunis

Extra Details:
She has the heavily lidded eyes of her Father's family and usually has a thick, black eye liner on her upper eyelids as well as the Rosiers' pale complexion. She rather fancies a more punk/steampunk look when she's not forced to wear her school uniform and even then, you'll be hard pressed to find her without her heavy brass goggles sitting on her head.

Aislin Currently has none.

Her worse memory would be when her grandfather took the hot fire poker and beat her with it for asking about her parents. It is what the scar on her shoulder is from, as he rolled the red end of it over her shoulder after the beating.

Mirror of Erised:
To be a great witch that brought honor back to her family name and that everyone would admire and listen to her every word.

Her Tyrannical Grandparents. (See History)

Freshly brewed tea grounds

Strengths: Despite her more than... unstable constitution; she's very good at playing the school politics. In other words, she can get what she wants, be it through, cooperation, compromise, or straight out intimidation or black mail. Aislin is also rather astute, though transfiguration is very difficult for her. She's always been able to retain and comprehend nearly anything that she's read or been told, so it makes it seem like most of her academics are effortless for her. She is best at combative magic and dueling, as it's something she started studying as soon as she entered Hogwarts to keep her grandparents at bay and she has a rather unusual obsession on magi that revolves around heat and fire. Aislin was made to learn how to play several classical instruments as a child as well, and although she'll never admit it, she's very fond of the Cello. Does that even count as a strength? Aislin also has a more profound understanding of magic Theory as she finds it rather fascinating and has studied it in her free time.

Aislin has a propensity to anger easily and is easily provoked. It causes her to loose any rational thought and awareness of anything other than the source of her ire. She is also known to have fits of anger and/or depression at the mention of family, let alone a direct comment about her own family.

Aislin has played the Violin since a young age, and even though it wasn't her choice to learn it, Playing has been one of the few enjoyments she's had; one might even say she loves playing. Aside from what her grandparents had forced her to do, she enjoys playing Quidditch or any strategy centered game as she it brings her a special kind of ego boost; that she's smarter, faster, and more clever than others. She is also frequently found with her nose stuck in a book; weather it be for academics or simply a rather thrilling novel.

On a more personal note, she is a fairly decent seamstress, crafting most of her street cloths by herself. She enjoys the very personal touch this adds to her wardrobe.

No listing please. Just add several of your character's likes. If an I feels this isn't enough, you will be asked to write more. Need enough to get a feel of your character.

The same as above, only the reverse. Make them well balanced.

What sets your character off? What puts them into a good mood?

Hell yeah we want you to write more! Don't just reiterate everything you've said previously because we'll catch you and probably flay you alive. Just kidding. =) However, I ask that you explore them to the marrow. Make them have layers, even if they are incredibly superficial. We'll love you if there's a reason for your character being a whore or a complete bully. It's not hard and we aren't asking for a novel but we do want a quality answer. Leaving statements unanswered, will bring you back to revising this. Don't leave empty thoughts laying around.

She has mixed heritage ranging from French, Irish, and Welsh.

Hometown/Current Residence:
Aislin was, as previously mentioned, born in a run down muggle apartment her parents were hiding from the Auror's in. It was somewhere in downtown London, but her Grandparents never bothered learning it's actual location; it was a filthy muggle hovel was all they would tell her. Her mother died in the apartment; bled to death from lack of a healer. She now stays with her Maternal Grandparents in Exeter during the Summer holidays, when she is not allowed to stay at Hogwarts; For Hogwarts is truly her home.

Financial Status:
Her family took a financial blow and never recovered from it when it came out her mother and father were Death Eaters. Most of the family assets, both on sides of her family, where seized when her parents went on the run after the Dark Lord's first fall from power. So now they live in a run down flat that was one of the last remaining estates left to the Lestrange side of the family.

Family Relations
Aislin is th child of the deceased Death Eaters Evan Rosier and Renate LeStrange (Died in child Birth). This makes her third Cousins with Rabastan and Rodolphus (and Bellatrix through marriage) on her Mothers side of the family. She is the second cousin of Bellatrix, Andromeda, and Narcissa through her father. She was given to her Mother's parents after the Auror's found her. Her Maternal Grandparents are very old and their health is fast deteriorating.

Relationship Status:
She is single and isn't actively looking for a relationship. She simply does not want anyone who would want to be with her to come into contact with her atrocious grandparents.

She had a black, medium haired cat. She chose the cat rather than an owl because she doesn't have anyone she'd be willing to write to on a regular basis. She could just as easily use a school owl.

As with the personality, we want lots and lots of detail here. Remember that a persons' history influences their personality. We should see that clearly. We will be looking at this very carefully. If something doesn't make sense or again, leaving empty thoughts laying around, you will be told to revise this.

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