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heheh, too drunk to give a rats as about anything right now.
I'd finish that whole god damned bottle but i have to be at work at 7am in the ******** morning. ALSO, ******** worst day at work ive had pretty much ever. ya. 40 god damn mother ******** racks of ******** break out. ********. AND the best part is, i get to come in tomorrow and pack ALL Of it, before ******** 11am. Pack 40 racks of ******** bread in 4 hours. I dont fcking think so. ******** srsly thought about going postal at work today. Had a knife stabbed somethings, just some boxes and s**t, but got damn my manager and those mother ******** members. ******** those dense, so fat they cant walk, ******** memebers, the ******** order form practicaly guides you through it for ******** sake. ******** ungrateful ********. Im a person too god damn it. ******** a** holes. fukcing ufcking fjdfuclkcuidg ********. w/e ganna eat like, 3 more packs of ramen have a few more shots of delicious whiskey and pass the ******** out. ********.