So I went to the bar and only drank half a drink. I also bought a pack of cigarettes, but only smoked one (well half of one). Work work work work work, but never is enough. This is what being a working adult means. Aside from work, school is another factor. I want to make more money, so I go to school to be more eligible to make more money. Life is supposed to have obstacles to overcome according to some, because life can become monotonous otherwise and trouble ensues. I say all work and no play causes me to find danger and trouble. I got a reckless speeding ticket, too, on top of all of this. I'm just tired of not having what I want so easily.

On good notes! I was looking to make an easy, yet professional email nickname for google and couldn't pinpoint to what I want. I, however, in search of such nickname learned what each part of my name means.

Brennan Patrick Huy Willy Nguyen

Brennan - teardrop, sorrow, raven, tranquil (one with black hair)

Patrick - noble, aristocratic

Huy - shining, successful

Willy - protection

Nguyen - Dynasty name

Do you see a 6 letter nickname I can do that sounds professional, but simple?

Okay, so I'm getting tired and about to go to bed. I'll call you soon, though. Anyways, crashing in bed to watching "Protect the Boss". Good night and sleep well, Princess.


No answer boo...done.