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aye u know im the ish when u see me shakin' my thing to the bass when it drops u can see me on the dance floor dropping it low low to the floor and bringin' it back up got the whole place goin whoa but dun be comin' up ta me asking to hook-up playa i ain't got time for ur lyin' mind playin' phony a** pick-up lines. i'm a lady i'm classy and sassy. i'm not on sum hoe ish i roll with a girliscous crew we sexy we fly we sassy and we are exotic like a maserati classy like a prom queen. we rock fly kicks and the cutest gear from head to toe call me baby-girlie-doll i'm sassy and cute to boot. but if u step up to me with disrespect den u can bet imma next ya cuz im look for a man not a lil' boy toy ya dig.