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London's Journal
Ohgod. It's just some s**t again.
Neeeeeh. ; w;lllll.
WELL, YEAH. So, I guess I could say my birthday was alright. I'm just kind of depressed in general lately, I'm not sure why, but I just am. Well, I wish we could have talked more today, and sorry about not being on when you got on. I'll talk to you tomorrow, Please. . n. So, yeah, I got a new computer, so that's good. We had to use saving things or whatever. B|. I hope you try to be more positive and be happy, that would make me really happy, even if I still am drowning in homework. xD. I haven't done mine for the night yet. ; w;llll. I hate it. D|||||. I'm not doing good with it. It's overwhelming me allot. D|. So, we got an ice cream cake thing, and it was a dog, I got the face. xDDDD. I'M COOL. :B. My wish was hot. ; w;lll. So, I ate my cake like a fatty, and we had noddles for dinnuh. xDDDDD. Because I'm fat. :B. So, I really hope we can talk more tomorrow. I'm sorry I got off and stuff. I hope we can tallkkk soon. Also, my English Teacher hates me, I ask too many questions and she gets mad. B|. and my score on the English text thing was leikk 7549457437830783208432943294328 points above average. Q AQllll. My Physics teacher thought I was an idiot, so she switched me to EARTH SCIENCE. B|. It makes a whole lot of more sense now. B|. She really did think I was an idiot, then my mom counsler thing showed her my text score thing. xDDDD. MEANIE. Q AQ;;;. So, the people who sit with me at lunch, keep on saying I look like Fem!Germany now. B|. Then, the one guy, pulled out his phne and started playing Germany's Marukaiyte Chikiyuu thifrufeihiehf thingy. IN MY EAR. I was leik. "GAAAAAAAYYY~~~~" D||||||. NO. But it scared me. I'M NOT EVEN TALL. B|. GOD. IDIOTS. xD. Well, So, my English teacher almost made me cry, because I'm a crybaby, then my math teacher did make me cry. BUT HE'S NICE. Q AQllll. I just have an F in his class, and I didn't understand anything with the numbers, and I got overwhelmed. Well, I'll try to make things work. I'm not going to let it make me upset... anymore! B|. I'll try.... You should try to be happy with me too. So.... I'einednde. Song, I guess?

NEGEHEHEHE. One. . n.;;.

xDDDD. You might have seen this.... . n.;;.


Well, I'm tired. Neh. I hope we can talk tomorrow. I feel a bit overwhelmed with all this homework, I'll see you later, have a good dream.... or, yeah, I hope we can talk more soon.

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