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Breaking into the church was laughably easy. It made Jasmine wonder if human priests even followed their own faiths anymore. There was no Holy Water on the windows, there were only a few candles lit on the cross. The church was empty. She smirked as she floated around, invisible at the moment to human eyes.

She was almost afraid that there would be no one here for her to play with when she spotted a light on behind a closed door. She smiled slowly as she pressed herself through the door. A priest was kneeling before his bed saying his evening prayers. She chuckled and left the room. He would be a fun one to play with.

She appeared in solid form outside of the church. Closing her eyes she wove together an illusion that would have the Priest right where she wanted him.

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Falling weakly to her knees Jasmine called out desperately for help " me!"

Behind this face of innocence Jasmine was joyfully laughing as she waited for the priest to come.