I was wondering if my linger feelings are still around.. I question its sometimes.
Its not like I love him, or maybe I admire him.
Sometimes when I go back to my home town, I feel like I never left.
And sometimes my feelings come rushing back again.

I still talk to him once in a while, to see how he is doing, or what he's been up to?
He seems to be doing fine. So I'm happy about that.

Sometimes when I see him post things makes me laugh or give me a happy feeling inside. It sorta makes me miss him. Even though he wasn't perfect, I thought he was a good guy. Once you get to know him. It sorta makes me regret a little.. haha..

I did wanted to see him, but I wouldn't say it. To me its like I'm hurting my pride to tell him that. I just want to see him smile.

I sometimes wonder if I did love him.
I sometimes wonder about it today.

I'm terrible.
I fail in relationships.
I have lots of flaws.

Oh well..
but he made my day. So I'm happy.