Hey there!I know its been a long time since my post I've been so busy I haven't had the time to write much.Anyways I wanted to do a horror story for Halloween and I must say that I'm very proud of how this came out.And just a warning too everyone who reads this the story can be a bit sad at times with a few adult themes so yeah just a heads up there.Anyways enjoy and have a happy Halloween this year everyone!

Title Of Story: The Blood Seekers.Genre Of Story: Horror.

Hazel walked along the forest peacefully.

The young Fox had been thinking about the old ghost stories that were told around the forest.

Stories about how the Blood Seekers would appear on October 31st 2012 when night came.

It was to be the second time the seekers would be in the woods since they were supposed to come out every 300 years and the first time they appered was in the year 1712.


The little Fox snapped out of her trance as she heard a voice.

Hazel turned around and smiled when she saw Pepper.

"Hey Pepper!"Hazel greeted as she looked at the Black And White Fox who had Blue eyes

"Hey what's up?"Pepper asked.

"Not much,"Hazel replied.

"You know tonight is the night they say the Blood Seekers will be here,"Pepper pointed out.

"I know but I don't believe that its going to happen I mean its just a story,"Hazel said.

"Yeah I don't believe in it either but it would be fun to scare the pups and say the Blood Seekers are coming!"Pepper responded.

Hazel smirked at her best friends words and then spoke.

"Well it is Halloween so I'm up for some good scaring tonight!"Hazel replied.

"YAY!"Pepper cheered.

The light brown furred Fox with Hazel eyes giggled at Pepper's excitement.

"So should we ask Clover to come with us tonight?"Pepper asked.

"Nah she's already got plans with Kenny,"Hazel explained.

"Oh I see,"Pepper said as she laid down.

"Yeah she's crazy about that guy,"Hazel smirked as she laid down beside of her best friend.

"No kidding,"Pepper laughed

Hazel smiled and then looked away from Pepper for a moment.

"What?"Pepper asked.

"Nothing,"Hazel lied as she looked back at Pepper.

"Oh okay.."Pepper replied nervously.

The two female foxes were secretly crushing on each other but had never told the other how they felt.

"So are you coming to the Story telling tonight before we scare the pups?"Pepper asked.

"Of course!"Hazel smirked.

"Good because then after the story telling we can leave from there and scare the pups!"Pepper replied.

"Yeah,"Hazel responded.

"Well what do you wanna do until tonight?"Pepper asked.

"I don't know,"Hazel shrugged.

"Wanna play?"Pepper asked once more.

"Pepper were not pups anymore so aren't we a little old to play?"Hazel asked back.

"Nah besides when we're scaring the pups that's kinda like playing since we have fun doing it,"Pepper explained.

"That's true,"Hazel replied.

"Alright then tag your it!"Pepper said as she tagged Hazel and began to run.

"Hey get back here!"Hazel laughed as she chased after her friend.

The two Foxes played for a while and before they knew it was time to get ready for the story telling.

"Alright I'm going to go back to my den and get ready with the rest of my family I'll meet you at the story telling in an hour,"Hazel said.

"Okay,"Pepper replied.

Then Hazel went back to her family's den and Pepper went to do her stuff.

Hazel walked into the den and smiled at her family.

"Hey mom,Hey dad,"Hazel greeted.

"Hey sweetie,"Hazel's mother replied.

"Where's Clover?"Hazel asked.

"She went with Kenny to get ready for the story telling,"Hazel's mother answered.

"I've got my eyes on that boy I don't want him hurting my daughter!"Hazel's father added.

"Now now Fall you know Kenny wouldn't hurt Clover,"Hazel's mother pointed out.

"Well Winter I just get worried sometimes,"Fall responded.

Winter nodded in response to her mates words and then looked at Hazel.

"Well we better be getting ready then,"Winter added.

Fall and Hazel nodded and then the three headed down to the lake to clean up.

After the three were ready they headed to the meeting rock in the middle of the woods where all of the members of the fox pack met.

There they met up with Pepper,Kenny,and Clover and sat together while the other foxes gathered and waited for the story telling to begin.

When everyone was ready a Aleu the fox doing the story telling and was also a friend of Hazel's family came up on the meeting rock and smiled.

"Hello everyone and welcome to the story telling!"Alue said.

"So let's begin shall we?"Aleu smirked as she got ready to tell the story.

"So three hundred years ago on October 31st in the year 1712 a virus spread through the forest when a pack of wolves once lived here and the virus made some of the wolves turn into ghost like monsters there whole look changed everyone who was turned into one of these ghosts had black fur with red eyes,and dripping fangs.The wolves who were turned into these ghost started feasting off of the other wolves by sucking their blood turning them into monsters as well these vampire ghost like creatures could disappear into thin air and their victims would not see them coming. Wolf turned on wolf until no one remained alive and every 300 years it is said that they will return and tonight it is said to be the second time for them to come back and haunt the forest for a week and take the blood of the animals who now live here but it is said that their is a rock called the Blood Red Stone.It is said to be the only thing to kill these monsters with because since they seek Blood the stone is said to take blood from anyone or anything that lays a paw or finger on it and it is also said that if even animal touches the stone the rock will then take the blood of the rest of the animal species that it took from the first animal that touched it and so my dear pack friends that is the story of the Blood Seekers!"Aleu explained.

After the story was over everyone clapped their paws and Aleu smiled.

Then suddenly everyone saw as the sunset for good and it was then night time.

"Alright everyone have a nice Halloween night!"Aleu added as she jumped off of the meeting rock.

Then everyone was about to go their own ways when suddenly they saw about fifty black furred figures with red eyes coming their way.

All of the foxes froze in fear.

"Its happening."Hazel thought as she stared at the blood seekers.

"EVERYONE RUN!"Winter yelled.

All of the foxes ran and the ghost like monsters chased after them.

Hazel,Clover,Winter,Fall,Kenny,And Aleu ran together trying to figure out what to do.

"Alright so I guess this means were not scaring any pups tonight,"Pepper pointed out.

"I think the pups are scared enough already!"Hazel yelled as they ran.

"Okay does anyone have any ideas here?"Fall asked.

"The blood red stone we have to get it!"Aleu answered.

"How?"Fall asked.

"Well we need to find it but the problem is it could be anywhere,"Aleu replied.

"Okay let's just find a place to hide for the night and well look tomorrow!"Clover added.

"But the rest of the pack members need our help!"Hazel pointed out.

"Hazel we can't do anything to stop the blood seekers from killing that out that stone but right now its going to be impossible to find it!"Aleu yelled.

"Alue's got a point ya know!"Pepper said.

"Alright fine let's just find somewhere to hide,"Hazel replied.

The Foxes ran through the forest until they came upon the waterfall river.

"There's a cave hidden by the water down here it will be a good place to hide,"Winter said.

Everyone else nodded and then followed Winter into the water.

The Foxes walked under the waterfall and found themselves in the cave.

Then the Foxes dried themselves off and sat down to discuss their problem.

"Now then the blood seekers shouldn't come here because of all the other foxes there chasing right now but tomorrow when we head back out we'll need to be careful because the more the blood seekers kill the more blood seekers there are,"Aleu explained.

"Yeah but what about the blood seekers being able to disappear into thin air?"Kenny asked.

"Well that just means we'll have to be even more careful because they use that power to sneak up on their victims so that they will for sure be able to kill them,"Aleu replied.

"So how do we stay alive then?"Hazel asked.

"We'll have to run when they come at us and we might have to leave the forest at times because they don't leave this place even if something there chasing does,"Aleu said.

"I'm scared,"Clover admitted.

"Don't be I'm right here,"Kenny replied.

Clover smiled at her boyfriend and then kissed him on the cheek.

"Alright you two no making out,"Fall added.

"We wont,"Clover smirked.

After that everyone laid down and went to sleep wondering what the next day would bring.

Soon morning came and Hazel woke up and yawned.

The young Fox sat up and saw that everyone else was still sleeping.

Hazel walked to the caves entrance and sat down to look at the sun that was rising.


The light brown furred Fox turned her head and saw Pepper walking up to her.

Pepper sat down beside of Hazel and both of the Foxes looked out of the cave at the waterfall in front of them.

"Its going to get bad out there Pepper I'm scared,"Hazel pointed out.

"I know it is and I'm scared as well but we can't let that stop us from fixing things,"Pepper pointed out.

"I'm scared we'll lose so much though I mean we don't all know if were all going to make it out alive,"Hazel said.

"Well whatever happens just know that you wont lose me,"Pepper added.

Hazel looked over at Pepper and then spoke.

"You wont lose me either I promise,"Hazel replied.

Pepper smiled and then hugged Hazel.

Hazel hugged her best friend back and after they broke apart the two looked out of the cave for a while.


The two Foxes turned around and saw everyone else standing there and staring at them.

"Oh when did you guys wake up?"Pepper asked.

"Like three minutes ago and seemed like you two were in some kind of trance,"Clover replied.

"We were just thinking there's a lot on our minds right now,"Pepper added.

"Yeah same here so come on let's find that blood red stone,"Aleu replied.

Everyone nodded in response and then followed Alue out of the cave.

The group walked out of the waterfall cave and back onto land.

"Okay everyone stay together and be on high alert,"Aleu instructed as they entered the forest.

The group stopped dead in their tracks when they saw about 70 dead foxes laying around.

"Just try to ignore these.."Alue added as she started to step carefully over the dead bodies.

The rest of the group stepped over the bodies and followed Aleu.

"So shouldn't we like um spilt up to find this stone?"Kenny asked.

"We should its just I'm worried for everyone's safety,"Aleu replied.

"Well we don't have much of a choice though,"Hazel pointed out.

"Yeah that's true,"Aleu sighed.

"Okay then we should split up,"Winter added.

"Alright then Winter you and Fall come with me,Hazel you,Kenny,And Clover will be together,"Aleu said.

"Okay,"Hazel added.

"Now then Your parents and I will search the west and east part of the woods you three search the north and south and if any of us finds the stone while were spilt up we'll howl and if you hear that just follow the sound of the howl to find the other half of the group,"Aleu explained.

Everyone nodded in response to Aleu's instructions and then started to spilt up.

"Be careful you two,"Fall said to his daughters as he followed Aleu and Winter.

"Don't worry dad we'll be fine,"Clover replied as she watched her parents and Alue walk off.

"Come on you two,"Kenny added.

Then Hazel and Pepper followed Kenny through out the forest.

Suddenly black mist appeared in front of Kenny,Clover,Hazel,and Pepper then five blood seekers came into view.

"RUN!"Kenny yelled.

Hazel Clover,and Pepper began running with Kenny following them.

The four Foxes ran as fast as they could while the blood seekers chased after them.

"THERE GAINING ON US!"Clover yelled.

"QUICKLY GO LEFT!"Kenny replied.

The foxes made a sharp turn and went left through the woods.

"I think we lost them,"Hazel said as she stopped running.

Everyone else stopped running as well but just as the Foxes thought they were safe a blood seeker appeared right in front of Clover.

Clove screamed as the monster reached for her.

"CLOVER!"Kenney yelled in panic.

The male Fox pushed Clover out of the way and the Blood Seeker grabbed Kenny.

"Kenny!"Clover cried as the Blood Seeker sucked the male Foxes blood.

Then Kenny dropped to the ground dead and then another blood seeker came into sight with the one who killed Kenny.

The two monsters turned to the Foxes who stood froze in fear.

"RUN!"Hazel yelled.

Then Clover,Hazel,and Pepper took off through the forest with the monsters following them.

Once the Blood Seekers had disappeared the Foxes stopped running and sat down.

Clover had tears forming in her eyes as she began to sob.

Hazel walked over to her sister and hugged her.

"Its okay its okay.."Hazel said.


Clover cried for about an hour and when she was done the Fox could barely breath.

"Just lay down,"Hazel added.

The sad Fox nodded and then did what she was told.

"We need to find Alue and your parents,"Pepper pointed out.

"I know but Clover can't move and its not safe for one of us to go off on our own,"Hazel replied.

"Then We'll howl for them,"Pepper said.

Hazel nodded and then raised her head up while Pepper did the same.

Both Foxes howled and within five minutes Alue,Clover and Hazel's parents found them.

"You got the stone?"Aleu asked.

"No we howled for you because Clover can't move because Kenny died from saving Clover from a Blood Seeker,"Hazel answered.

Fall and Winter ran over to their daughter who was unable to move and hugged her tight.

"Clover I'm so sorry,"Winter said.

"I am as well,"Fall added.

Clover hugged her parents and then started to cry again.

"Well now that we've lost one we're not splitting up again,"Aleu said.

"But if we don't spilt up we'll never find the stone,"Pepper sighed.

"Now wait a minute where did you get that idea from?"Aleu asked.

"Well the forest is very big and there's too much ground to cover all in one day,"Pepper replied.

"Which means we'll have to work harder but the good thing is while I was on the search with Hazel and Clover's parents in the west part of the woods we were able to cover half of the west part which means there's a good chance the stone isn't even in the west at all,"Aleu explained.

"Yeah that's true and we really didn't get to search much of the south area since we lost Kenny,"Pepper said.

"Its okay I understand,"Aleu replied.

Pepper nodded and then the sound of Clover's loud crying made Alue and Pepper turn their heads towards Clover,who was being hugged by her parents along with Hazel who was trying to calm Clover down.

"Soon Clover stopped crying again and she looked at the other Foxes who stood before her.

"I'm sorry everyone I'm just so depressed,"Clover sniffled.

"Its alright,"Aleu replied.

"Yes it really is after all we all know how much you loved Kenny,"Fall added as everyone else nodded in agreement.

"Thanks everyone for understanding anyways we better get moving,"Clover added.

"Yeah we should so follow me I have an idea where to look next,"Aleu replied.

The other Foxes stood up and then followed Aleu

"Now then I think the best thing to do is-"

Aleu didn't get to finish her words when suddenly Clover broke down into tears again.

Hazel ran over and hugged her sister while everyone else sighed.

"I'm sorry everyone I just can't do this right now.."Clover managed to choke out as she cried.

"Its okay you guys go on and look for the stone Clover and I will stay right here,"Hazel said.

"Are you sure?"Fall asked.

"Yes dad We'll be fine we wont move just go with the others and find the stone,"Hazel replied.

"Now wait a second no one said I agreed to leave you and your sister alone,"Aleu added.

"Same here,"Winter and Pepper responded.

"We'll be fine,"Hazel sighed.

"Okay then,"Aleu replied.

Then Fall,Winter,and Pepper walked over too Clover and Hazel.

"Just make sure you'll be on alert for any Blood Seekers,"Winter pointed out.

"I will,"Hazel promised.

Then Pepper reached over and hugged her best friend.

"We'll be back soon,"Pepper said.

Hazel nodded and then Fall,Winter,Aleu,and Pepper walked off.

In the hours that followed Clover had many break downs and cried a lot.

Hazel would tell her it would all be okay and that the others would return with the stone but would they?

The young Fox couldn't be so sure about that and even if they found the stone Hazel wasn't so sure if all four of them would make it back.

Soon Clover had cried so much that she was emotionally exhausted and soon she fell asleep.

Once the Black furred Fox was sleeping Hazel watched over her carefully and continued to think.

About an hour later Clover woke up and looked at Hazel.

"They aren't back yet?"Clover asked.

Hazel looked over at her sister and then replied.

"No they haven't been back and its almost dark too,"Hazel answered.

"Hazel I have something to tell you.."Clover added.

"What is it?"Hazel asked.

"I'm pregnant,"Clover admitted.

"YOUR WHAT!"Hazel yelled.

"Yes Kenny and I.. We mated a few weeks back,"Clover said.

"But Clover you two weren't even married yet!"Hazel pointed out.

"I know and the worst part is I didn't get a chance to tell him!"Clover yelled.

Then the Black furred Fox started to cry again and Hazel hugged her sister once more.

"Its okay.. Its okay,"Hazel whispered.


"Clover there not dead and they wont hate you,"Hazel said.

"You don't know that.."Clover sniffled.

"I do know for a fact Clover they will come back and they wont be mad,"Hazel replied.

"Well if you say so,"Clover responded.

After that the two sisters talked for about two hours until finally Pepper,Alue,Winter,and Fall made their way back.

"Sorry we were gone for so long we were searching more the south area and we ran into a lot of Blood Seekers,"Aleu explained.

"Its fine,"Hazel replied.

Mom,Dad I have something to tell you.."Clover added.

"What is it sweetheart?"Winter asked.

"I..I'm pregnant,"Clover admitted.

Everyone expect for Hazel stood in shock not knowing what too say.

"Your pregnant?"Winter asked.

"Yes Kenny and I mated a few weeks back and I didn't even get a chance to tell him because I realized it had worked on the day of the story telling and we were all just too busy so I didn't get a chance to tell him,"Clover replied.

"And I already knew this because she told me while you guys were gone,"Hazel added.

"Well Clover we'll be here to support you all of the way,"Fall said.

"Really?"Clover asked.

"Of course your father and I would never get mad at you for that,"Winter pointed out.

"Thanks mom thanks dad,"Clover said.

"Your welcome now we need to find somewhere safe to spend the night its late,"Winter added.

"I agree,"Fall smirked.

"Yeah come on let's head back to the waterfall cave,"Aleu smirked.

Everyone followed Aleu back to the waterfall cave and once they were all inside they laid down and tried to get some sleep.

As Hazel laid there she thought of something.

"One day down only six days left to try and stop the Blood Seekers."Hazel thought as she finally fell asleep.

Soon morning came and everyone was up and ready to face another day.

"Okay today we'll all stay together and search the north area,"Aleu explained.

Everyone nodded and then followed Alue out of the waterfall cave.

Once they got into the north area the group saw more dead bodies laying on the ground.

"Just step over those Aleu added nervously.

"I hate walking over these dead Foxes it makes me nervous,"Clover pointed out.

"Same here,"Aleu replied.

No one else agreed instead they just were very careful not to step on the dead bodies.

Once the bodies were out of the way the group started searching for the Blood Red Stone.

"Just look anywhere,"Aleu said.

All of the Foxes looked around trees,plants,and eve digged into the ground knowing the stone could be anywhere.

Just then five Blood Seekers who were walking along saw the group and started growling as they came over to the Foxes.

The group looked up from their work and froze for a moment.

"Oh ******** mumbled.

"Alright you guys I think we might want to run,"Winter pointed out as the Blood Seekers started running at the group.

"Good idea.."Aleu replied.

Then the group started to run as fast as they could with the Blood Seekers following them.

Suddenly the Foxes stopped running when they ran into the river.

"We can't go in there the water will take us down the waterfall!"Clover cried.

"I know but if we don't try to swim to the other side even though the current is too strong we'll die,"Alue replied.

Just then the Blood Seekers came into view of the group and the Foxes backed up over to the edge of the river.

Clover who had backed up too much suddenly fell into the water and the current dragged her away.

"CLOVER!"Hazel yelled as she went to jump into the water.

"HAZEL DON'T!"Fall screamed as he tried to back up more from the monsters.

Aleu growled as she hit one of the Blood Seekers in the head with her left paw causing the ghost to get more angry.

"EVERYONE WE HAVE TO FIGHT JUST DON'T GET BITTEN!"Alue yelled as the Blood Seekers lunged for the group.

The Foxes started to fight the Blood Seekers and as Hazel was fighting one she got pinned down and the ghost held its right paw over her throat and lowered its head to bit her neck when Fall jumped into the monster and both the Blood Seekers and Fall crashed into each other but before Fall could do anything the monster bit him.

Fall dropped dead within a second and then all of the other ghosts disappeared into thin air.

"DAD!"Hazel cried.

Every Fox ran over to the dead male but then Alue remembered something.


With that everyone turned and ran just as fall turned into a Blood Seeker.

The new monster chased after the group as they ran down stream to where the waterfall was.

"HE'S CHASING US!"Pepper yelled.

"I KNOW BUT JUST KEEP RUNNING!"Aleu yelled back.

Soon the group made it down stream but before they looked for Clover they turned around and didn't see any sigh of the new monster.

"I guess he's gone,"Winter said.

Then before anyone could reply they heard a loud scream.

"CLOVER!"Everyone yelled as they followed the sound of the scream.

The group went into the water and saw blood everywhere and then walked a little more and saw the young Fox.

Clover was badly injured there was blood everywhere and her left leg was cut open and blood was coming out faster than any of the Foxes had every seen anyone bleed before.

Winter and Hazel went closet to Clover and looked at the cut.

"Its pretty bad and she's losing a lot of blood,"Winter pointed out.

"Alright let's get her into the cave,"Hazel added.

"This waterfall doesn't have a cave just carry her back onto land,"Aleu sighed.

Winter nodded and then put Clover onto her back and carried her daughter to the side of the river with the others following.

Clover could not stop screaming even when Winter put her down on the ground which made the group have to walk a little distance away to talk

"Okay so what do you think Clover is going to do next when we tell her that her father is dead?"Alue asked.

"I have no idea.."Winter replied as tears formed her eyes.

Before the white Fox knew it she was sobbing and everyone else was trying to figure out what to do.

"Alright we need to fix up Clover's cut and see if the pup is still alive,"Aleu pointed out.

"Okay but how do we fix a cut that bad?"Hazel asked.

"I know we can gather some leaves to stop the bleeding!"Pepper replied.

"Not a bad idea,"Hazel added.

"Okay Hazel and Pepper when you get the leaves make sure to also get some stems we need something to tie those leaves around Clover's wound with,"Aleu said as she went over and hugged Winter who was still crying.

"Okay we'll be back,"Pepper responded.

Then the two young Foxes walked out of the water and went back into the forest.

Pepper and Hazel got as many leaves as they could get with having to get the stems at the same time and then headed back to the river.

When the two foxes returned they ran too the side of the river and found the others trying to calm Clover down.

"Here's the leaves and stems,"Pepper said as she and Clover dropped them.

"Okay good,"Aleu replied as she grabbed up the leaves and put them over Clover's cut and then used the steams to tie the leaves to her leg so the bleeding would stop.

"Alright now that we got the bleeding to stop we can't have her since she's pregnant and too injured to fight,"Aleu explained.

"Yeah I think everyone else already figured that out!"Winter snapped.

Alue sighed at Winter's comment and then sat down.

"I'm sorry Alue I'm just really stressed,"Winter added.

"Its alright,"Aleu replied.

"So is the pup still alive?"Hazel asked.

"Yes I checked and the pup is okay,"Aleu replied.

"Thank god,"Hazel said as she let out a sigh of relief.

"Also now that we're out in the open someone is going to have to keep watch tonight,"Aleu added.

"I'll do it!"Pepper replied.

"Alright,"Aleu said as she tried to talk loud enough over Clover's screaming.

Winter walked over to her younger daughter and laid down beside of her.

"Shh its okay.."Winter said as she licked the top of Clover's head.

With her mother by her side Clover soon calmed down and then looked up at her mom.

"Where is dad?"Clover asked.

Everyone froze knowing that anyone who answered that question would make Clover so upset she'd probably pass out.

"He's..He's dead,"Winter managed to choke out.

"WHAT!"Clover screamed.

Within seconds Clover broke down crying and Winter hugged her daughter tight.

Everyone else sighed as they tried to think of what to do.

Suddenly Hazel couldn't take it anymore the tears she had been trying so hard to keep back started to come out and she started sobbing as well.

Pepper wrapped her arms around Hazel and hugged her best friend tight.

Soon the crying stopped and all of the Foxes tried to calm down.

"Hey I'm hungry.."Hazel sniffled.

"Yeah same here,"Everyone else said in unison.

"I guess some of us better hunt,"Aleu pointed out.

"I'm staying here with Clover though she needs me right now,"Winter added.

"That's fine alright then Pepper and Clover come on,"Aleu replied.

The two young Foxes followed Aleu into the woods in search of food.

"I hope the Blood Seekers didn't kill all of the animals we eat,"Pepper said.

"They only go after the animals who have most control over the forest and right now that's Foxes which means they'll only come after us,"Aleu replied.

"Well at least they don't take our food,"Hazel pointed out.

"Yeah,"Aleu responded.

Just then the Foxes stopped when they saw a Rabbit.

"I'll get it!"Pepper whispered to her friends as she started to go after her prey.

The Rabbit took off but luckily Pepper caught it and killed it.

With that Pepper walked back to Aleu and Hazel with the Rabbit in her mouth and then dropped it.

"Alright got Rabbit but this isn't enough to feed everyone,"Pepper said.

"Yeah I know that's why we need to find something bigger than Rabbit,"Aleu replied.

"A deer would be nice.."Hazel added.

"You're right that would be nice but three Foxes can't take down a deer we'd need at least ten in our group going after one to even have a chance,"Pepper sighed.

"Yeah that's true so let's look for more Rabbits then and maybe we could even find some mice,"Hazel responded.

So then the Foxes hunted through out the woods they got two more Rabbits and three mice.

When Pepper,Aleu,and Hazel arrived back at the river they went over to Clover and Winter there they dropped two of the three Rabbits they caught.

"Eat up you two,"Aleu said as she took one of the mice they had gotten and started to eat it.

Winter and Clover ate the Rabbits,while Aleu ate the mice as Pepper and Clover shared the last Rabbit.

As everyone ate a question came to Hazel's mind.

"So how are we going to search for the stone?"Hazel asked.

"Well its almost night time now so we can't go looking until tomorrow but you,me,and Pepper will will look all day we can't afford to lose more time or else we'll ever stop the Blood Seekers,"Aleu replied.

"Wait a minute I'm taking watch tonight how will I ever be able to go looking for the stone tomorrow if I'm tired?"Pepper asked.

"Pepper we don't have much of a choice,"Hazel pointed out.

"Alright then,"Pepper replied.

After that everyone else expect for Pepper went to sleep.

As nighttime went on pepper had so many things on her mind it was driving her insane.

Soon enough though morning came and Pepper was very tired but still promised herself she'd go with Clover and Aleu to find the stone.

"Okay you we only have five days left so let's get to it,"Aleu said.

"Be careful,"Winter added as groomed Clover who was still asleep.

"Don't worry we'll be fine,"Clover replied as she Aleu,and Pepper walked off.

"Okay you two start looking around,"Aleu instructed.

Hazel and Pepper nodded and then started their search.

After a little while of looking in the north area the three Foxes started to search the last half of the area.

"Okay so I think we should look in the caves because there could easily be-"

Aleu didn't get to finish what she was saying when suddenly there was a loud scream.

"OH NO WINTER AND CLOVER!"Alue yelled as she ran towards the sound of the loud yelling.

Pepper and Hazel followed close behind and once they got back to the river the sight before them was horrifying.

A Blood Seeker had killed Winter and was now going for Clover.

Hazel ran over to her sister and knocked the monster down.

The Blood Seeker growled and then suddenly the Blood Seeker that came from Winter came into sight.

Aleu and Pepper ran over to help the sisters who were struggling to fight off the ghosts.

Pepper jumped onto the second seeker and bit its neck.

The ghost cried out in pain and then disappeared into thin air and the other ghost went out of view as well.

Clover who was shaking in fear grabbed Hazel and hugged her tight.

Hazel started to cry and Clover started cry as well.

The two sisters hugged each other as they cried while Aleu and Pepper sat sadly silence forcing themselves to hold back the tears.

Soon Hazel and Clover stopped crying and let go of each other.

"I'm sorry we're just a mess right now.."Clover sniffled.

"Its alright but I think we need all find a different place to stay,"Aleu replied.

Hazel,Pepper,and Clover nodded in agreement and then Hazel put Clover on her back and the Foxes started to walk along.

"I'm so sorry about your mom,"Pepper said.

"Its okay.."Hazel said in a sad voice.

"No its not okay you've lost nearly everything because of the Blood Seekers!"Pepper snapped.

"I know its.. Just we can't do anything about it now so .."Hazel sighed as she was unable to finish her sentence.

Thin Pepper didn't speak no one did they just kept walking and walking until finally they came across the caves the were planning on looking in.

"Alright these caves should be safe to look in and we even stay in one of them tonight,"Aleu pointed out.

"Sounds good to me now can we please get into a cave? I want to be put down,"Clover added.

"Yeah come on,"Aleu replied.

Then the Foxes walked into one of the caves and Hazel gently put Clover on the ground.

"Alright let's get to Aleu ordered.

Pepper and Hazel nodded and then started to look around.

Little did the Foxes know that the stone was near them and somehow The Blood Seekers knew it and were planning on getting the Foxes away from the caves.

Two of the Blood Seekers who were planning on making sure the Foxes wouldn't find the stone looked around the forest and found some wood then they started to make the biggest obstacle the Foxes would have to face.

Clover who was playing with her tail suddenly noticed the danger outside and then yelled.


Suddenly the three Foxes who ran to the entrance of the cave froze when they saw at least half of the north area on fire.

Hazel quickly put Clover on her back and the Foxes ran out of the cave and tried to get away from the burning area.



"GUYS LOOK OUT!"Pepper yelled as a tree that was on fire started to fall over.

The Foxes dodged the falling tree and kept running.

Finally the group made it out of the burning part of the forest and was once again safe.

"Okay now we know we have to get back into the north area!"Pepper snapped.

"We can't at least not for now we have to wait until the fire stops,"Aleu replied.

"Yeah but what if it doesn't stop?"Hazel asked.

"We'll just have to hope fore rain then,"Clover pointed out.

"Yeah but no one knows if it'll-"Hazel didn't get to finish her words when suddenly a drop of rain fell on her nose.

The Foxes looked up and saw the sky was very dark and then suddenly it started pouring the rain.


Everyone else started laughing which hadn't happened in a while.

"Well I guess we should find another cave then,"Aleu smirked.

"Yeah let's go,"Hazel replied.

Then the group looked for a cave and finally found one.

Everyone laid down inside and started to talk.

"So you think this rain will take the fire out for good?"Pepper asked.

"Yeah,"Aleu replied.

"I just wonder when we go back there what else the seekers will do to keep us from getting the stone,"Hazel added.

"Knowing the Blood Seekers it will probably something very dangerous,"Clover pointed out.

"Yeah that's why we need to very careful,"Aleu added.

"And now that I think of it Clover you can't go because your still too injured so I'll stay with you,"Hazel said.

"Are you sure Hazel?There's a lot of caves you guys need to search Pepper and Aleu might not be able to do it all alone,"Clover replied.

"We'll handle it,"Pepper responded.

"Yes we will and I'm sure we can handle whatever The Blood Seekers plan to do to us,"Aleu added.

"Alright then,"Clover smirked.

"Okay let's all get some sleep and before we go out tomorrow we'll hunt because I'm really hungry ad I'm all of you are too,"Aleu said.

"Yeah I'm hungry,"Everyone else said in unison.

"Same and if it wasn't raining I'd be hunting for us right now,"Aleu replied.

"If it wasn't raining it would be burning with flames outside,"Pepper giggled.

"Yeah that's true,"Aleu smirked.

After that the Foxes laid down to go to sleep and as Hazel fell asleep she couldn't help but think about how there was only four days left to stop the monsters.

Soon morning came and Aleu went hunting for the group and brought back five Rabbits.

"Thank you Aleu!"Clover said as she digged into one of the Rabbits.

"No problem,"Aleu replied as she began to eat some of another Rabbit.

"Man this is so good!"Pepper added.

"Yes it is!"Hazel agreed as she took a bite of her Rabbit.

"Well I'm glad everyone is going to be full because its going to be a long day,"Aleu said.

After Aleu and Pepper were done eating it was time for them to go back into the north area.

"Okay let's go Pepper,"Aleu sighed.

Pepper nodded and then stood up to follow Aleu out of the cave.

"Be careful,"Hazel said as they walked out of the cave.

"Don't worry we'll be fine!"Pepper replied.

Then the two Foxes made their way back into the north area which wasn't destroyed too bad since the rain took the fire out.

Soon the came upon the cave they were looking in before and went to finish searching in it.

"Do you see anything?"Pepper asked as she and Aleu looked around the cave.

"No not yet,"Aleu replied.

But then suddenly out of the corner of her eyes Aleu saw something on one of the cave walls.

"Hey Pepper come look at this,"Aleu said.

Pepper walked over to Aleu and then looked up at the cave wall.

Both Foxes saw a drawing of a stone that looked like it had been carved into the wall and below it was the drawing of a Foxes paw print.

"What do you think this means?"Pepper asked.

"No idea,"Aleu replied.

"But I have an idea.."Aleu added as she raised her left paw and put it over the paw print.

Suddenly light glowed from the paw print carving and then the cave all slid open.

"ITS A PASSAGE!"Aleu cheered.

"Oh my gosh I bet the stones in there!"Pepper added.

Aleu and Pepper ran into the room and then saw The Blood Red Stone at the other side of the room on a stone table but in front of the table where the stone was there was a bunch of squares with animal drawing in them.

"This must be a puzzle or something we have to figure out to get to the stone,"Pepper pointed out.

"Yeah.."Aleu replied as she looked at the squares.

"I think there's a pattern here like all of these animals have something in common expect for one,"Pepper explained.

"Hey I got it!"Aleu added.

"What is it?"Pepper asked.

"All of these animals here are all predators expect for the rats!"Aleu exclaimed.

"So does that mean the squares with the rats on them are safe?"Pepper asked.

"I think so but just to be safe we should test it,"Alue responded.

Then Alue walked over to where a rock was laying on the ground and picked it up.

'I'll throw the rock on one of the rat squares and if nothing happens that means there safe,"Aleu explained.

"Alright,"Pepper replied.

Then Aleu threw the rock onto the rat square and the two Foxes waited but nothing happened.

"Well its safe,"Aleu said.

"Alright so which one of us should get the stone?"Pepper asked.

"Well if you want I can get it if you want,"Aleu replied.

"How about we both get it,"Pepper smirked.

"Alright,"Aleu responded.

Then Aleu jumped onto the first rat square and then jumped over onto the next one followed by Pepper who jumped onto the first.

Both Foxes kept jumping onto the rat squares but before either of them could get to the stone the ground started to shake causing Pepper to trip and fall backwards onto a square that had a wolf on it.

Then suddenly holes opened in the walls surrounding the room and then spikes came out and then the walls started moving closer to the Foxes.


Pepper nodded and then ran following Aleu to the cave door that was starting to close.

Both Foxes made it out just in time and both were painting from running so fast.

"I think once you get close enough to the stone the ground shakes to try and stop you its almost like the stone is blocked by traps,"Pepper explained.

"Well duh of course its blocked by traps spikes just don't come out of any cave wall,"Aleu replied.

"I think we should take a little break,"Pepper sighed.

"Yeah same,"Aleu responded.

"On the bright side at least we found the stone we just have to be more careful,"Pepper added.

"Yeah and I think we should go tell Clover and Hazel it'll cheer them up,"Aleu replied.

"I agree,"Pepper smirked.

Then the the Foxes headed out of the cave started back to where Clover and Hazel were.

Luckily there wasn't any Blood Seekers on the way back and Alue and Pepper soon became excited to tell their friends the news.

"HEY GUYS GUESS WHAT!"Pepper cheered as she walked into the cave where Clover and Hazel were.

"What?"Hazel asked as Clover gave Alue and Pepper an confused look.

"We found the stone its in a passage room in the cave we were in the other day!"Pepper answered.

"There's a passage?"Hazel asked.

"Yes there is but we couldn't get the stone because there's a like a puzzle thing blocking the stone and you can only step on the rat squares because the other ones set off traps and also when you get close enough to the stone the ground starts to shake so you'll have a harder time reaching the stone and an easier time setting off one of the traps,"Pepper explained.

"Yeah and Pepper here set out the spike wall trap,"Aleu added.

"Hey it wasn't my fault I didn't know the ground would start shaking!"Pepper replied.

"I know I know I'm just messing with ya,"Aleu laughed.

The other Foxes rolled their eyes and then Clover spoke up.

"So like are you guys going to try to get to the stone again today?"Clover asked.

"Yeah we just wanted to tell you both because we got excited that we'll be stopping the Blood Seekers soon,"Aleu answered.

"Oh I see well go get the stone so we can get these monsters to leave us alone,"Hazel added.

"Alright we'll be back soon,"Pepper replied.

Hazel and Clover nodded and then Alue and Pepper walked back out of the cave.

"Okay let's get the stone!"Alue cheered.

"Right behind ya!"Pepper replied.

Meanwhile back at the cave Clover started to feel sick and began to feel pain.

"Um Hazel before a pup is born do you feel sharp pain and feel sick?"Clover asked.

"Well I've never had a pup but yes that's what mom told me once,"Hazel added.

"Well I think its happening.."Hazel managed to choke out as she began to feel great pain in her belly.

Then Clover began to scream loud and Hazel sat up and tried to figure out what to do.

"Uh okay just take deep breaths,"Hazel said nervously.

Clover nodded as she started to breath in and out.

Within about three minutes Clover gave birth to a little Fox pup that had Black fur which to Clover and Hazel wasn't a big surprise since Clover had Black fur like Kenny did and the pup also had white spots on its fur which came from Kenny the pup has also gotten Teal eyes from the mix of Kennie's Blue eyes and Clover's Green eyes.

"Its out!"Hazel said.

Clover smiled as she looked over at the little pup laying on the ground.

Hazel smiled and then picked up the pup gently and laid it down beside of Clover.

The pup curled up and nuzzled Clover at once.

Tears formed in Clover's eyes as she smiled.

"I'm..I'm a mom I'M A MOM!"Clover cheered.

Hazel giggled and then spoke up.

"And I'm an aunt!"Hazel cheered back.

Both sisters laughed in joy and watched the little pup again.

"Hey I wonder if its a boy or a girl.

"Here I'll check,"Hazel added.

Clover nodded and then waited while Hazel looked.

"Its a boy,"Hazel answered as she put the pups tail back down.

"I think I'll name him Kenny,"Clover added.

"That's a great idea,"Hazel replied as she laid down beside of her sister and her new nephew.

"Wait until Aleu and Pepper get back there gonna be so happy!"Clover giggled.

"Yeah they will,"Hazel agreed.

Then Suddenly Pepper and Aleu ran into the cave painting.

"Are you two okay?"Hazel asked.

"No we got chased out of the north area by Blood Seekers and-"

Pepper didn't get to finish her sentence when she saw the puppy.

"CLOVER YOU HAD THE PUP!"Pepper cheered as she ran over to Clover with Aleu following.

"Yes I had the pup now just don't scare my son I don't think he'd like it if you keep yelling,"Clover replied.

"Its a boy?"Pepper asked.

"Yep and his name is Kenny,"Clover smirked.

"Hi Kenny,"Pepper greeted as she gave the pup a little lick on the head.

Kenny nuzzled Pepper in return for the affection which made the older Fox smile.

"He's so cute!"Pepper added.

"Yes he is,"Aleu agreed.

"Hey guys don't mean to bring anyone down but um remember how when anyone touches the Blood Red Stone it is said that it'll take the blood of whatever touches it?"Hazel asked.

"Yeah I remember,"Aleu replied.

"Well how we going to get the stone out of that cave if you can't touch it,"Hazel added.

"You know I didn't think of that,"Aleu responded.

"Same here,"Pepper replied.

"Wait a minute you guys I have an idea!"Clover chimed in.

"What is it?"Hazel asked.

"Well earlier today Pepper and Aleu were chased out of the North area by the Blood Seekers so next time any of us get chased by them we could just lead them right to the stone,"Clover explained.

"That's a great idea!"Aleu cheered.

"I know I come up with epic ideas,"Clover smirked.

"That you do,"Aleu agreed.

"Its getting dark though so I think we better wait until tomorrow,"Pepper pointed out.

"Yeah we should,"Aleu replied.

With that all of the Foxed laid down and tried to get some sleep.

"Only three days left."Hazel thought as she fell asleep.

Soon morning came and Alue went out early to hunt for the group again.

The older Fox got seven Rabbits for everyone but to Aleu's surprise everyone was still sleeping when she got back.

Aleu smirked at the group and then set the food down.

Soon enough though everyone was awake and feasting on the Rabbits.

"Hey Aleu I want to go with you and Pepper today my cut is feeling better,"Clover said.

"Well..what would Kenny do then?We can't leave him here alone,"Aleu replied.

"Yeah and if your gonna go Clover then I am too,"Hazel added.

"Well I was just thinking if something went wrong with the plan that it might be better for all of us to be there,"Clover pointed out.

"You know that is a good idea because if the plan does go wrong we'll need some help,"Aleu responded.

"What are we going to do with Kenny though?"Hazel asked.

"We'll bring him with we don't really have a choice,"Alue explained.

"That's true,"Hazel sighed.

"Don't worry Hazel I wont let anything happen to my son,"Clover added.

"I know I'm just worried,"Hazel replied.

"I understand,"Clover replied.

"Hey I don't mean to like rush anyone but I think we might want to go now the sooner we get this done the sooner were safe again,"Alue added.

"Yeah let's go,"Pepper added.

Then all of the Foxes headed for the north area and once they were in the dangerous part of the forest everyone was on high alert.

Soon the group saw six Blood Seekers walking their way and that's when Aleu knew it was time to the plan started.

"Okay Pepper go to the cave and open the passage door we'll be there soon once we've got the seekers chasing us,"Aleu explained.

"Got it,"Pepper replied as she ran off towards the cave.

"HEY OVER HERE YOU STUPID IDIOTS!"Aleu yelled towards the seekers.

The ghosts turned around and growled as they walked closer to the group.

"OKAY RUN!"Aleu yelled.

Then the group ran towards the cave with the seekers following them.

Meanwhile back the cave Pepper had just opened the cave door when suddenly she heard a noise and turned around.

Two Blood Seekers were at the entrance of the cave growling at the Fox.

Pepper backed up a little as the ghosts came closer to her.

The Blood Seekers backed Pepper up against the wall and then the young Fox jumped over the monsters before they could do anything to her.

Pepper quickly ran out of the cave and kept running with the seekers following closer behind.

Just as Pepper was being chased the group had almost made it to the cave when they saw Pepper was in trouble.

"PEPPER!"Hazel screamed as she ran to help her friend.

"HAZEL WAIT!"Aleu yelled.

"Oh great now what do we do?"Clover asked.

"Well..let's uh help Pepper and Hazel,"Aleu answered.

Clover nodded and then the two Foxes ran to help Pepper and Hazel forgetting that there was seekers chasing them as well.

Pepper was running at top speed but all of the sudden the Fox came across a gorge and with no where else to run ran down it and kept going.

The Fox looked back over her shoulder and saw the ghosts still running after her.

Pepper made it to the other end of the gorge and stopped running when she saw a wall made up of large rocks and logs.

But with no other choose the Fox jumped onto the logs and rocks and tried to climb it.

Suddenly the rocks and logs could no longer hold and as they went rolling down so did Pepper.

The young Fox crashed onto the ground but before she could move the large rocks and logs crushing her.

Pepper let out a loud scream and then when the ghosts saw what happened they disappeared once more.

"PEPPER!"Hazel yelled as she ran over to the pile of rocks and logs.

Hazel pushed the large rocks and logs off of Pepper and then saw that her friend's back legs were cracked in half and blood was coming out of her skull.

"Hazel I think is the end,"Pepper said as she started to spit up blood.

"No its not it'll be okay you'll see.."Hazel replied.

"No it won't be okay and I.. I love you Hazel,"Pepper managed to choke out.

"I love you too,"Hazel replied as she leaned down and kissed Pepper.

After the kiss they broke apart and Pepper's eyes closed and she was dead.

In the middle of the gorge Clover and Aleu had been watching the two Foxes and were shocked by what happened.

Hazel began to sob and then ran past Aleu and Clover to get out of the gorge.

"HAZEL COME BACK!"Alue and Clover yelled.

The young Fox didn't stop running once she was out of the other Foxes'sight she ran to the waterfall was and climbed to the top of it.

"I'll jump off and then I won't have to feel pain anymore."Hazel thought.

"HAZEL NO!"Came a voice from behind.

Hazel didn't listen to the sound of her sister instead she jumped off the cliff and went crashing down when the Fox had fallen all the way down her head had been cracked open and she was dead.

"NO HAZEL NO!"Alue and Clover cried.

Clover put Kenny down for a moment knowing she was going to cry.

"Shh its okay,"Aleu added as she hugged Clover.

"She just committed suicide!"Clover cried.


"I know.."Clover sniffled.

Just then the Foxes heard growling from behind them and turned around.

"Oh great looks like the seekers found us,"Clover added.

"PERFECT TIME TO LEAD THEM TO THE CAVE!"Aleu replied as she started running.

Clover picked Kenny up gently and then followed Aleu.

The Blood Seekers ran after the Foxes.

Aleu and Clover made it to the cave but made sure the seekers were still chasing them.

Once they saw the monsters still coming after them they ran into the cave and went into the room where the stone was.

"Okay what now?"Clover asked.

"Jump on the rat squares,"Aleu added.

Both Foxes kept jumping from one rat square to the next and when they got close enough that the ground started shaking the Blood Seekers entered the room.

Seeing the shaking ground the ghosts disappeared into thin air and then reappeared but on the rat squares that Clover and Aleu couldn't reach yet.

The Blood Seeker that was on a square close to Aleu tried to hit her with its left paw but the Fox quickly pushed the ghost backwards onto the ground beside the table that held the stone.

The other Seeker went over to where its friend was both seemed to be looking at the stone.

Then when the seekers touched the stone suddenly there blood was sucked and then into the room came huge waves of blood that went right to the stone.

Soon all of the blood from every seeker was in the stone and the forest was finally safe.

"We..We did it!"Clover cheered as she got off the rat squares.

"Yeah we did,"Aleu replied as she followed Clover out of the room.

"Now I can raise Kenny in peace,"Clover added.

"Yeah you can,"Aleu agreed.

So after that Aleu and Clover became great friends and still lived in the forest.

Clover took care of Kenny and in the following weeks a new pack of Foxes came across the forest.

Aleu and Clover welcomed them to stay so there was a new Fox pack in the woods and now that everyone would be safe Clover and Aleu knew that the forest would be a happy place forever and every Halloween not only was the story of how the Blood Seekers haunted the woods told but the story about how the two brave Foxes stopped the seekers was also told.

And so the Blood Seekers would never come to haunt the forest again thanks too Aleu and Clover.