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My Life, My Story, My Battle, My Path, My Past, My Journey, My Experiences, and My Heart. ♥
Raven's Rules:

Remember: We're Watching You!

(May add an extra FAQ thingy to dis btw)

I made these because I'm tired of explaining my terms for things over and over again.

My profile:
1. No bullying and drama and fights like that.
2. No homophobia.
3. Profanity is okay within reason. Anything above PG 13 will get deleted because that is part of Gaia's rules and the rules my mom made for me at my house.
4. If you have questions about me or any of my other OCs read my journals, see my Photobucket images(they have captions and spoilers there), and read my profile text first. If you can't find what you're looking for ask me on my page or in a PM.
5. No racism. (Calling me a "Jap" or whatever with earn you a block)
6. Don't flirt, pervs!!!! I'm taken and very much in love. XP
7. If I'm not using a website plz respect that. My profile lists all the accounts that are more current/actually MEAN stuff to meh. I quit IMVU cuz the download was wonky but as I said in my Contacts list "I'll be back".
8. You disrespect me and you get ignored. Come back and I'll just keep blocking. ;P
9. Talk to me after a block and that's 3 strikes and worth a report at least if your being a nasty to me... :I
10. Have fun!!! ^__^

1. No Satanism unless it's portrayed as what it truly is(tainted and evil and a temptation one mustn't give in to).
2. No sexism. (I'm a lady, not a lamp so I should be treated like it like every other person rather than a object!!!)
3. No racism.
4. No sexual themes unless it's super duper mild. I'm underage remember that! Especially not creepy stuff like lesbians and incest! O.O (Blegh! XP)
5. No bullying and drama unless it's a villain we're going to beat.
6. Play fair and equal. That means no godmodding. Roleplays are like friendships so they're give and take. God is teh ONLY god!!!!!
7. If I say I don't want to: Respect it. I would do the same for you after all.
8. Gore is fine so long as it doesn't go too far and isn't too detailed.
9. Don't be afraid to be weird or random. It's actually really encouraged. MEEP~!!!! X3 >;3
10. Don't copy me or my characters. We can be similar but not clones! I copyrighted all of my personas so you have to ask if you want to borrow ideas from me! (The exception is fanart!)
11. Specify the kind of RP you want. Don't just proposition me outta the blue and give me nothing to go on! I would get confused! O.o
12. Only flirt with my Vampire Mode(which I am almost never in btw)! But keep in mind she'll use you for beer money and blood only! She loves no one as her heart was shattered years ago so she takes it out on the world in little ways like partying and arson soooo....obv. not that little but yeeahhhh......
13. You can only be related to me or a friend of mine in the RP world. It'll never be canon especially since I'm trying to publish my story anyways!
14. Have a good time cuz I know I will. ^0^ >;3

My story and Fanfiction:
1. Remember it's fiction. Though based on reality and a bit closely in parts(like names and people and the bullying stuff and the disorder stuff) it will always be fantasy. The peeps mentioned are either my friends or are versions of other people I know.
2. Read it if/when you can for fun or for information on us! (My cast, my friends, my OCs/personas etc.)
3. If you want spoilers ask in a PM or go to my Photobucket! I don't wanna spoil everything for everyone on my page! That would be rude! D:
4. Don't like, don't look. Ignore it if you don't like it. I don't want to make anyone sad or mad and don't want to get hurt. D:
5. You can critique but it has to be POSITIVE! I want to get better not cry myself into a coma! That means most critiques aren't allowed. This hurts me more than it does you. :I
6. No rude comments or bullying! Hate isn't allowed at all and will not be tolerated! Haters get blocked!
7. Comment if/when you can cuz I want feedback.
8. Be patient! I can't upload all the time! I have school and church and stuff! >.>" U__U :I :/
9. Don't copy ANYTHING in it! It's all original and mine and therefore COPYRIGHTED! Besides, I'm going to make this a novel and it's going to be bigger than Twilight anyways!(Maybe, I deserve it tho....)
10. Enjoy. ^__^

1. Tell me about my HTML and other profile errors. If it's there: Trust me...I know. This especially applies to my links section which is VERY hard to set up.
2. Advertise. Only I can for my stuff cuz it's my page. I will be adding banners and ads shortly and adblock won't do anything and it won't make a difference anyways just trust me.....
3. Bot for obv. reasons liek for 1 it's a big fat lie and it's spitting in the faces of those of us that actualy WORK on here!!! >__> >__<
4. Send chain letters in comments and whatever kinda spam anywhere my page doesn't need it. You can be random but not THAT random!
5. Harass and bully me or anyone else as well as troll. Same diff rly. Oh and threats are bad too!!
6. Arguing and debating are fine but not too much, kk??!!! D:
7. Criticize or judge. No 1 wants that so why should I? :/
8. Commit crimes
9. Flirt w/ me and try and set me up w/ a friend of yours. If you knew ANYTHING about me it should be clear what that ain't okay wif meh....
10. Ask stupid questions. We have a "No Idiot" policy here on my page. XP
11. Bribe. I'm not a cop I'm just a kid!!!
12. Ask about my siggy you can Google find it yourself
13. Last but not least: DO NOT DRINK BLEACH! That is bad for you! Also: HAVE A GOOD DAY AND THANK YOU!!!! XP


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    Wed Oct 23, 2013 @ 05:27am

    Thats a whole lot to read there girl

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