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W.F.F. (Wrestling Female Federation) The best of the best has just made impact!
Chapter 29 "Minaj the wrestler!?"
After that,we all continued to sit there in silence.
Shocko:"..........Guess I'll break the silence then,DID YOU SEE THAT!!?"
Himoka:"It's like when she spoke I could feel my soul devour itself!"
Tarkik:"DAMN THAT,DID YOU SEE WHAT SHE DID TO THAT DUMBASS?!She busted the bottle over his head!"
Stealth:"Did you guys try the dumplings?!smilies/icon_stare.gif"
Saka stood up-"I must speak with her!A girl with talent like that would be GREAT for our team!"

After that we went to the back.
Shocko:"Excuse me sir,we would like to see one of your waitresses Minaj!She kicked the crap outta this guy and we REALLY would like to see her again!"
Manager:"Ooooooh she did huh?!Weeeeeeeeell,lemme talk to her about that right now!Come on!"We followed him to the back where we saw Minaj,she was drinking on a chair against the wall.

Minaj:"................Oh hell no...."After he scolded Minaj out he came out the room and let us come in.
Saka:"Hey Minaj we need to talk to you-"
Minaj:"SHUT THE HELL UP!"Saka kept quite.Minaj got off the chair and walked over to us.

Minaj:"Which one of you told the boss I did that?"Everyone ratted me out,they all pointed to me,some friends....Minaj walked face to face to me and her voice changed from cute to scary!
"Do you have any Idea how hard it is to find a decent job now a days?!You probably won't seeing as the fact that your a dope deller....the next time you tell on me infront of my boss.......I'm beat the crap outta you."
Shocko:.....Y-Yeah....smilies/icon_eek.gif"She pushed me and walked off.

Saka:"Wait!We wanted to ask you something!"She turned to us with a mean look and bright red eyes!
Saka:"U-Uhhhhhh......never mind."
Minaj smiled and bit-"I gotta go dummies...."Her voice changed back to adorable as she said-"I HAVE MY HONEY BEAR WAITING AT HOME!DON'T WORRY BABY!MINAJ IS COMING TO KEEP YOU WAAAAAARM!smilies/icon_heart.gif"She ran off!

Saka:"........We gotta talk to her some OTHER way......"


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i P A N G Y A
Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Oct 08, 2012 @ 08:12pm

Whoa, this rlly isnt the Minaj we now know on WiiMii... WELLLL thats half true. lol

On the other hand Stealth dosent seem to like Minaj...OR Minajs dumplings..
Its a damn shame smilies/icon_confused.gif

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