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The creation of a monster
Just some musings and RP scenes
A conversation with Stephanie...
Once Edomus had made the woman laugh with his ridiculous answer she seemed much more keen to talk to him. Edomus choose never to really on his good looks since they were merely a glamour created to hide his much more hideous and true features. Even though he ended up killing them from to time, Edomus was always found a woman's laugh. There was something about it that he couldn't help but enjoy.

The small talk and banter between the two continued well into the night and they both went through several drinks. Although Edomus's magically altered metabolism made it very difficult, some would say damn neat impossible for him to become intoxicated, the same could not be said for the beautiful woman which was sitting behind him.

"You know, in all this giggling and drinking and talking....I have no idea what your name is." she commented as she looked down into the depths of the empty glass before her.

Edomus had to admit, that for a human woman she was very capable of holding her liquor. She had easily downed such as much as he had, and she was barely slurring her speech. That pleased him deeply, she was a strong woman, perhaps she would be the first to survive his little experiments.

"I don't think that I've given you my name." Edomus teased as he finished off the last of his 7 pint that night. "But I go by the name of Edomus." he added turning his stool so that he could better face her.

She smiled and laughed lightly as she heard his name.

"That is by far one of the strangest names I've ever heard." She laughed.

"Well, my parents were queer folk."

"What does them being gay have to do with anything?" she asked as she burst into another fit of laughter.

"Not the brightest bulb." he thought to himself and smiled, trying not to look too annoyed at her lack of a decent vocabulary.

"Now that I've shared my name with you, I think it only fair that you share your name with me."

"My name is Stephanie...and I think I will let you ******** me.

"Lovely, simply lovely." Edomus smiled

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