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What I wrote before
Desiree started to laugh at both Lucifer and Dragon. "You can't take away my freedom," she said, "once a free genie always a free genie."But suddenly her very soul began to shake. "What sorcery is this?" she snapped. Bangles strapped themselves onto her wrists...Desiree hadn't felt the cold metal is so long. "NOOOOOO!" she cried. "THIS CAN'T BE!" She looked a Dragon with fear in her eyes as a lamp formed beneath her. It began to pull her in. She sneered at him. "This spell won't last forever," she snapped at him, "I'll be free once your magical dust wears off. You will pay for this! YOU WILL PAY!" She looked over at Satan before the lamp absorb her. "I never tried to force you, fool," she snapped, struggling against Dragon's magic. "I ASKED! It was called a request! And I was never bossy! It wanted...the world be at my feet! I WILL RETURN!" She screamed as the lamp completely absorbed her. She was trapped, no longer a free genie, but only until his dust wore off. She granted a wish...and the problem with wishes is that they couldn't be undone. While Dragon had some sort of power, Desiree still had the dying wish of a girl. She held onto that. Untill she was free again, she was a slave. She would get Dragon for ths...and that darn Satan. The lamp shook at Desiree's rage, then died down.