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Little Talks
Soon it will be over and buried with our past...
[5:08:02 AM] Professor. J: Notter? Did Harry have an evil twin?
[5:08:16 AM] Professor. J: D: did that evil twin have a scar in the shape of two asscheeks? was it causled by Moldyfart?
[5:08:22 AM] Draco McWherter: XD yes. He was so evil that he out eviled the no nose king himself
[5:08:30 AM] Draco McWherter: XDD
[5:08:56 AM] Professor. J: D: and did he attend Scumstains School for Worlockdom and Haggardry?
[5:09:36 AM] Professor. J: with his best friends Stone Mirthly and Organy Pager?
[5:10:19 AM] Professor. J: >: and was part of Cumblecrack House? you know... along with the three other houses Spitwash, Dustmop, and Pissfume?
[5:10:47 AM] Draco McWherter: XDD you are really getting into that XD
[5:10:48 AM] Professor. J: did he play the game Squishfetch?
[5:11:31 AM] Professor. J: and his least favorite teacher was Skellster McDacken of Liquids Class in the Scumstains dungeon?
[5:12:16 AM] Professor. J: >:
[5:12:54 AM] Professor. J: and rumor has it he had a crush on Tsos Chicken of Dustmop house, but she was interested in another boy.
[5:13:39 AM] Professor. J: but he did get together with Stone Mirthly's little sister Fleely Mirthly.
[5:13:59 AM] Professor. J: D: and the headmaster was named Congascore
[5:14:16 AM] Draco McWherter: -roosts on your head and taps your head with me clawed foot- I has to get to bed now
[5:14:21 AM] Professor. J: xD awwww
[5:14:27 AM] Draco McWherter: sorry lol
[5:14:30 AM] Professor. J: but I have more bullshit harry potter knock offs to tell you
[5:14:30 AM] Draco McWherter: class in the morn, gotta
[5:14:46 AM] Professor. J: xD
[5:14:48 AM] Draco McWherter: XD I know you do, and with your imagination I'm sure you can go all night
[5:14:51 AM] Professor. J: >w<

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