sora wonk
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why upgrade?
the beauty of gaia is that i am a pixel doll legit

it's all very unserious and obviously escapist, imo.

i have thought about switching to tumblr and blogger, but there, you upload profile pictures and make urls and real people look at you and hope to connect to another real person. i don't want to meet them at that level.

once you start connecting these words to things like facebook, twitter, schools and things, things get messy. not because i lie. i don't. but because the truth is unpalatable as a truth. here on gaia, there is a level of separation. no one will ever link this to facebook. perhaps people don't even consider me a human because my only representation is

a pixel doll.

but i have been thinking that i do really need to stop writing here.

i don't not want to be read. i would like to share my experiences in the hopes of finding someone like me, perhaps, or helping someone else out there feel less lonely in their own experiences.

so i think i am going to do that now. yes. okay. bye.

we'll see if tumblr works better than blogger did. blogger sucked, frankly.