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Queen's Journal
Well, as you can see by the title of this entry, these are my brand new RPCs. I used to have like 20 here about a year ago but I just came back on and am ready to put up some fresh ideas. I'm now on a website called Wattpad.com (Username: XxBeastModexX) and I have some stories up. So yeah, I'm just going to post starters as I think of them so keep looking. Enjoy and PM to request.

1. Name: Wynn
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 19
Occupation: Princess Undercover
Starter/Storyline: I slowly stacked the books, careful not to topple the pile beside me and myself. When exactly that happened, I groaned loudly. I was certainly not cut out for this. Bookeeping was not supposed to be a princess duty. Since the kingdom wasn't under freaking attack, I was forced into going undercover. And as a bookeeper in a bookstore three towns over. The owner knew exactly who I was and what my situation was so she put me in charge. I grabbed onto the shelves and pulled myself up, dusting off my pants as I came up. Mumbling under my breath I continued to stack and organize those dusty tomes and novels for the next hour. As lunch came and went, the store was coming to its closing time. I had finished shelving and was on to stamping. The clock had just stuck seven PM, our closing time, when the door was flung open and smacked against the opposite wall, breaking the bell at the top. "I'm sorry sir or ma'm the store's closed. You're going to have to come back tomorrow." My head started to lift and I was met with vibrant green eyes. CONTINUE FROM THERE.

2. Name: Lana
Gender: Female
Race: Werewolf
Age: 18
Occupation: College Student
Starter/Storyline: "Yeah, just set the boxes over there Ma." I pointed over to the far corner of my new dorm room. I could smell all the other weres in the building and I felt at home. Being a she-wolf in a pack, I had certain expectations. To be the good submissive female, and to find my mate in high school. Unfortunately, none of those things happened, so my parents sent me to college in Oregon; I lived in California. Oregon had the most unmated males so they thought this would be a good place to search for my mate. I remember when I had left, my Alpha and Beta looked at me with the most disappointing look and I cringed remembering. Once all my things were packed and settled in, my parents left, leaving me in my dorm, all alone. I knew classes were starting soon, so I tried to get as much sleep as possible. When I woke up the next morning, I got showered and dressed and started walking across campus to my psychology course. As soon as I got inside the auditorium, I sat and proceeded to doodle while the professor talked.

2. Hailey
Age: 18
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Occupation: None
Story: Hailey was born on September 16 in 1992. She had somehow been born on the same day as her best friend, who happened to be a boy. His name was ___. She had been harshly in her life by other people. The had called her ugly and stupid. Bullied her. Now, it was her 18th birthday and she was throwing a party. She was inviting her bestfriend and a couple other friends. The doorbell rang. The party was supposed to start at 1:00pm. It was only 12:50 and the first guest was here. Hailey skipped to the door and opened it. It was her bestfriend, "Hey. Come in!"

4. Ellissa Dominguez
Age: 18
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Occupation: Runaway princess
Story: Ellissa screamed at her father, "No! I don't want to marry him! Just leave me alone!" And with that, she ran out of her father's throne room. She ran for about three days before giving in. She stumbled through a town and collapsed from lack of food and liquids. Three months later, after innkeepers had taken her in and renamed her Zoey Thompson, there was a knock on her door, "Yes? What is it? Come in!" she said, sitting up on her bed.

5. Erin Bates
Age: Appears 19
Race: Neko (Cat)
Gender: Female
Occupation: Runaway slave
Story: Erin was running. 'The dogs, oh, the dogs!' She was screaming in her head, looking behind her. Dogs were after her. Chasing. Searching. After she had run away from her master, they had sent dog teams to search for her, his prized slave. But Erin couldn't take it anymore. She ran from her old life, and into a new one, "Ah!" she yelped as she tumbled off a cliff face. Once at the bottom, she was covered in dagger-like marks. She groaned in pain as she rolled over. Erin stopped. Someone was standing over her. She looked up wearily.

6. Summer Bayne
Age: 17
Race: Shape shifter (Can turn into a wolf)
Gender: Female
Occupation: Pack deputy
Story: Summer swam in the clear waters of Pismo beach. She sighed happily and dipped underwater. Summer came up smiling. Soon that smile dissapeared as she remembered her responsibilities. As the deputy of her pack, she was responsible to organize patrols around town. For what, she didn't know. Her pack leader was the only one who knew. Her fellow packmate, ___, was the one she had a crush on. He didn't know it though. He looked at her rarely, sometimes talked. Summer's mind flew back to her vacation. She shook her head to clear it and when she opened her eyes again, she saw one person on the shore. ___.

7. Savannah Ferrel
Age: 17
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Occupation: Princess
Story: As Savannah got dressed in her white gown, she took in a trembling breath. Here she was, getting ready to be married to a man who she no idea who he was. She couldn't argue. She wouldn't. Savannah nodded to her maid of honor and they both walked out of the room. For the first time, she got a look at her husband-to-be. He was handsome. Tall compared to her. She smiled for show and stepped up to the altar.

8. Ember Perry
Age: 23
Race: Hybrid (1/2 shapeshifter, 1/2 vampire)
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student in a vampire college
Story: Ember moved along the campus as she felt eyes upon her. Snickers to the left, fifty yards away. Ember was a hybrid, a mixture of races. Her head whipped around to meet the gazes of the other vampire students. She flinched. Ember walked swiftly away, almost tripping on her own feet. She bumped into her secret crush, ___, another vampire. She flushed madly and walked to her dorm. She slammed the door and put her books down on her bed, "That was close...". Ember had a dorm to herself. The other vampires had moved out because of her race. There was a sharp knock on the door, and Ember's head flashed up.

9. Isabella Llewellyn; Otherwise known as Izzy
Age: 16
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student
Story: Isabella squished her way through to the cafeteria doors. Being one of the most popular girls wasn't easy. She heard voices call out her name, but none of them was the one she wanted to hear. Most of all, she missed her boyfriend, ____. He had left the school temperaly on account of a family vacation. She sighed and continued to the lunch line. People moved out of her way to let her to the front. She didn't really like lots of attention, but it was kinda nice. She was suprised when she felt a soft tap on her shoulders
,"Miss me?", the voice whispered. He spun her around to face him. ___ was back. Isabella immediately threw her arms around him, "____, you're back!" she exclaimed.

10. Briona Miller; Also known as Bree
Race: Elementalist
Age: 17
Occupation: N/A
Element: Water
Story: Bree walked through an abandoned forest on a small river. She jumped and dove in, for the water was pretty deep. She kept an oxygen bubble around her so she could breathe. She was alone. Her boyfriend, ___ was on a snowboarding trip with his other friends. He controlled darkness, while she controlled water. Bree was lost in her thoughts when a stone flew into the river, just barely missing her head. Bree jumped out of the river, "Who did that!" she yelled.

11. Monica Rodman
Race: Human
Age: 19
Occupation: Senior in college
Story: Monica walked through the cafeteria doors. She was back. After two years at another college, she was back at her old one, where her boyfriend ____ went. She scanned the room, searching for him. She bit her lip in excitement as she spotted him at his table, alone. She crept around so she could get behind him. She ran over and covered his eyes, "Guess who!!!" Monica yelled.

12. Shannon Manamtam
Race: Neko (Hides ears and tail)
Age: 21
Occupation: Maid for Prince
Story: Shannon carried her basket of cleaning supplies up the long winding stairs. She was Prince ___'s maid. She was madly in love with him, but alas, he was a prince. She sighed in defeat as she cursed herself for not being a princess herself. She came to a stop in front of his room. She took a deep breath and opened the door. She flustered and blushed. Her ears lifted slightly under her maid's hat. Her tail shook slowly. "Forgive me, my prince." Shannon apologized, not exactly staring at his face. He was in his bed. She had come too early. She stepped out and closed his door. She pulled off her hat and her ears popped up. Her face was red and her tail shook madly under her skirt. She put her hat on and calmed her tail down before starting to walk down the hall.

13. Jaqueline Martin; Also known as Jackie
Race: Human
Age: 19
Occupation: Princess
Story: "My dear Jaqueline, please come here." her mother called. Jaqueline sighed and went over to her mother. She hated her name. She liked to be called Jackie. Plus, she was staring at him. Prince ___. To her, the most handsome man ever. She must look like a dirty rag compared to him, "Yes Mother?" Her mother smiled, "Don't stare dear. It's rude." Jaqueline sighed, "Yes, Mother..." she walked outside into the courtyard. She sat on the stone bench and once again fantasies of her and ___ together, ruling joint kingdoms swirled in her head.

14. Dani Justice-Hill
Race: Angel without wings and powers
Age: 17
Occupation: Angel without wings and powers
Story: Dani was angel. Was. She was sent down on an errand. As she flew down out of the sky, she hit her shoulder on a tree branch. She was terrified and spun out of control. This time, she hit her head on a boulder. She crash landed. She lost her memories....her powers. Her eyes shut as she slipped into unnconciousness. About what seemed like a week, she opened her eyes. Above her, a bird chirpped in the tree above. She got up and stumbled forward. She knew her name, no more. She came across a field about ten minutes later that was all empty except for two men, "Hey! Can you tell me where I am?" she said. She directed the question at the taller of the two. That was when she first met ___. They looked as if the were talking about something important.

15. Sandra Fraioli
Race: Human
Age: 19
Occupation: Commoner
Story: Sandra kept the door to the bakery open, "Yes ma'm?"
"Deliver that to the house five streets down and two houses to the left will you?""Of course I can!" Sandra picked up the basket of cakes and breads and walked down the lane. As she came to the house her employer described, she knocked on the door, "Bakery delivery!" she yelled. The door opened. Sandra screamed and almost dropped the basket, ".....__..____?...Is..Is that really you?!" Her voice trembled. She hadn't seen ____ in at least ten, eleven years. When they were younger, they were best friends.

16. Jazz(lyn) Belikov
Race: Wolf (ears and tail stay on human)
Age: 19
Story:Jazz raced through the green forest, her mind a blur of frustration and despair. For the fifth day in a row, the other kids at her high school had tried to beat her up. She was sick of it and had enough. She was finally taking a stand and running from all that trouble. Her lip curled up over her teeth just thinking about her day.
"Stop! Stay where you are wolf!"Jazz skidded to a stop and turned her head slightly to look at the pale body standing behind her. She cocked her head to the side and turned around fully, trotting towards the man.

17. Shannon Ezkiel
Race: Elf
Age: 18
Occupation: Elven Princess
Story:___ was part of the vampire resistance. For years, the elven kingdom had enslaved the vampires. Shannon was the elven princess. For years they had been seeing each other. Of course, no one knew about it. ____ came in the midst of night. ____ was a free vampire. Can they unite the two kingdoms?

18. Amanda Martinez
Race: Human
Age: 19
Occupation: Pirate
Story: Amanda trudged onto the beach, her boots wet and squeaky. She grumbled, "My ships need to be better built." she dragged her chest onto the dirt floor. She dropped onto the sand, breathing heavily. Her ship had been destroyed in a storm. It caused either her crew to abandon ship or stay and be killed. Their choice, their life. Amanda was stranded. Stranded forever on the island as far as she was concerned.
Three Months Later
Amanda screamed, running, "You can't cath me that easily Dex!" she yelled to the little monkey chasing her. After she realized her position, she began to live on the island. She ran towards the beach, laughing at their game. She froze as her eyes caught something on the horizon. Dexter leaped onto her shoulders, "A person..." she whispered, "Hey! Hey, over here!" she yelled, waving her arms.

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