Final Archon
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SWIMMING, Pulse, and... Myself?

"AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I GET TO SWIM!!! Its been so long since the last time I could, over 800 years in fact! Oh it feels so good to glide through the water, reminds me of flying, but I don't have to spend so much energy. And the fairy I met, Hearty, is very nice. She is tiny and a bit shy it seems, but she's nice to talk to. She really wants to meet Volt and and her friends. I got to introduce her to Fang as we got near the greenhouse. Volt is 'not to be disturbed, unneeded beauty sleep' and is off sleeping in the flowers... I hope I didn't wake her when I screamed at the sight of the pool. Pulse is now awake and enjoying himself, I think he even liked giving Hearty a ride. Hearty then asked Fang and I what we are, and that started the long explanation of myself... Its and interest fact and one that is made even more so since I am almost as old as the planet itself. I would like to hear about what Fang is, I've never seen something quite like him before. Oh and I am FINALLY starting to recover after finishing a 1000 year dare to NEVER stretch... I felt horrible by the time it was done, which it has been only 2 days since it ended. Well that's it for now it seems. I'll keep up with this as best I can, but I don't think I am not very good at keeping up with a journal. BUT, I'm trying!"