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Yes, I did love you at one point... Yes, it hurt when you blocked me... But I built around it. I move on...I found out that since you blocked me and everyone else that has blocked me...never truly cared... So you can say you care.. I won't believe it.. Why? Because, when we are trying to talk.. You POOF.. And I have to send you a message 20 mins later after waiting for you to reply.. You want to know why I "snap" at you? Because you POOF when I'm trying to talk to you... Eh, you never changed... You just wanted to be my friend so you can see me snap at you, so you can make me tell you things, so you can do this and that then HURT me after words.... Why do I make things a big deal? Because you know I will snap easy. You know if you disaper while we are talking that I will snap..... You know what. This is where I'm stoping at... You can delete me... I don't care... You can block me... I don't care.... You can so a s**t load... Guess what..... I DON'T ******** CARE ANYMORE..... You haven't even try to ask if anything has happened to me lately.... Here since I know you will never ask.. And sorry if you get "lost"...... "09.17.12: Well, Monday I went to my friends house..after school... My mom calls and say "Do I need to get on a bus and come and get you?" I was like no... I can handle myself... And I was going to get a ride home from Travis... (Who I don't really talk to but whatever) And I also said that I was going to be home at 8:45PM... And she was like I am going to get on a bus and come and get you! I was like. NO ******** I AM COMING NOW! And hung up the phone... I tried to call her again and tell her that I was walking but she goes hello and hangs up on me... Well I was a block or 2 from my house... (My friend lives on Washington and Marrion. And I am on Lake Mead..) Ummm I went to the taco shop got me a drink and some food.. came home and was like "that was nice of you" as I was walking in... And she comes in and tries and hits me but I get on my bed and stand there till she left... I went and started doing my homework them the next thing I know I am getting yelled at... So I pack up everything and "go to sleep" Well, she started to call me a whore, slut, and when I am 18 I can move out...So in Oct. when I turn 18 I am moving out and droping out of school. Now on 09.20.12 She says that I am going to be a dumb s**t when it comes to the REAL world.... ******** I am done with her... She can ******** off. I am moving out... So I wont be on for a long time... Because everything I say or do something wrong we get into a ******** fight... So I am going to be walking around and staying off till I get my own place with a job and get my GED.. Love you all bye!" That is what is in my journal.. and this is new.....haven't added it... But since my mom is backing off... She is going to give me space. I will be able to do what I want. I will be getting my laptop. And I will be staying here will I get out of high school.. Ok.. Bye, Nick.. I don't care what you do now... You have a GF you need to care about anyways so I am just going to go.. And sat out of your life as a friend.. I will just be someone on your friend list that you don't talk to... That is if you keep me on your friends list... KThxBye....

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