When the whirls of green wind vanished and left me within the beautiful garden of a small castle, I thought for a moment I had died. But my body ached too much, and I was still clutching bloody weapons of legend. I looked around, confused. Everything about where I was felt...different.

My confusion only grew when a humanoid mouse half my size starred at me. In a panic I scrambled away from my future king, dropping my treasure and drawing my sword. Though I couldn't understand what the mouse said, his eyes were expressive and he pointed to my wounds, concerned. When I realized I was in no danger, I sheathed my sword and tried to listen.

That was how my new life started. King Mickey was familar with other worlds, and I proved a fast learner of languages (likely a skill given to me to inspire chaos in multiple worlds). It was difficult at first, besides the language barrier. I didn't want to accept that Hyrule was gone. Farores Wind wouldn't take me back. Finally King Mickey had to show me himself, that my world was indeed gone.

I devoted myself to His Majesty after that. If I couldn't protect my own world, I would protect this one. I would never lose another home. His Majesty knew I was earnest and he could sense I had more power within me. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have learned how to shapeshift or any other spells.

And so it came to be that I became an otherwordly scout for King Mickey. I took the new name of Kaos. At the time it was symbolic, and just sounded cool. Now I realize that it was my true name all along. My real identity as chaos.

For a while I spent most of my time in Disney World when I wasn't on a mission. I was hesitant to make friends elsewhere, at the time because I feared interfering with the order of other worlds. I know now it was because I found myself without purpose. Without Hyrule, there was nothing left for me. I had to find my own reasons to function, and that didn't include friends.

It took time, but thanks to my first friends on Gaia, I learned that it didn't hurt to make friends and go on adventures with them, or take them on adventures with me. I'd do anything for those dear to me. My duty is to protect, and I will not fail this time.