Final Archon
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Old Thanks and New Friends

"Well I've done many things over the millennia but keep a journal isn't one of them, but I guess there is a first time for everything isn't there? Lets see what's happened to me recently... oh yeah I've made some new friends (well sort of, my creator is lazy and needs to "friend" my new friends creators. And I am leaving a thanks to Volt here, if it wasn't for her creator I probably wouldn't even exist as it was she who brought my creator back into Gaia after years of inactivity) ... now back on topic! Some of them are cool and crazy while one of them is just plain rude and arrogant, not that I mind him all that much his arrogance makes it entertaining. The coolest ones I'd have to say would be Fang and Volt, though Doxi is pretty cool too. I haven't talked to the others quite enough to tell yet but they at least seem alright. The last thing I've done was I noticed a fairy while writing this and I think I will see if I can go talk to her now, and so I think I will leave this entry at that!"

I (Archon's Creator) would like to note I may make myself known here from time to time and my text will always be green here. I too would like to thank Volt and her creator for bringing me back to Gaia. I can't really think of anything else to add right now so, so long for now.

EditJust making a note here, its okay to comment on the journal, I would enjoy a little feedback from time to time... ar at least something to say that I'm noticed and not completely invisible smilies/icon_xp.gif