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Alias: Tynan Sleigh

Merry Gentry Series by Laurell K. Hamilton

Age: 24

Birth Day: September 30, Year pending on RP.

Livery: Black Swans.

Zodiac - Libra the Scales Celtic - Ivy


Relationship Status: Single

Skills: Archery, Politics, Sword play, Medical herbology, Painting and Sketching, Baking, home decor, and fashion design and textiles as well as some skill at spells.

Tynan is a rather reserved person, if a little absent-minded. She helps when she can and keeps to herself and tries her best to not draw to much attention to herself. Though, generally difficult to stir, her temper can be fierce and something to behold, especially when it appears someone close to her or herself are threatened. There's also a clever (if scattered) and somewhat sharp mind and a matching tongue to be found when she has need of them. Tynan has problems overcoming magical situations, not from lack of know-how, but simply because she is so young, panic overtakes her, causing her to overlook the obvious solutions. Ah, youth.

Physical Appearance: Tynan has the usual slender, graceful build of the her species, thought more ample of bosom. Standing at 5' 8" she's a little short for her people, but she's not too far off the average for a woman. She has the moonlight skin of her father, a color so pale, no human color comes close, making her ruby colored lips and Sapphire nose stud stand out against the stark white of her flesh. Her perfect flesh is marred by a nest of scars that looks like an animal mauled her.

Her hair is the color of midnight waters; a blue so dark it's nearly black mixing in with silvery hues of blue with a strand of bright tropical waters run through every now and again. Like most of her kind, her hair trails the floor in long, graceful plates of hair that never seems to tangle and seems to move gently, always, on its own. In an effort to keep her hair from the floor, it is usually piled a top her head, leaving the ends to trail somewhere about her waist.

Her wide, almond-shaped eyes Tri-colors, each color having it's own unique circle around the pupil, seperate from the rest; Bright Lavender surrounding a ring of Aqua, with the out-most ring of color a royal blue that is speckled by gold.

Her style of dress ranges mostly to a Victorian-Gothic style, but that is by no means a restricting aspect on her wardrobe. She wears styles that range widely, so long as it's rich dark colored cloths and fabrics. It's more than likely she will always pair her outfit with a corset or some other sort of bodice and you will never see her without the black raven-feather earrings made from her mother's cloak.

Lineage/Parentage/Known Relatives (living or deceased): Unknown at this time.

History: Little is known about her at this time other than she's not from the area.

Other Things Noteworthy:

Tynan speaks Classical Latin, Cornish, English, Gaelic, and she's now beginning to pick up on the casual speak of the people who are around her in the cafe.

Tynan plays several classical instruments, including the Violin, Cello, and harp.

Tynan is an avid reader, gravitating more towards older works of literature.