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Just another journal..
It is a... journal of a wolf..
Maybe it's weird.. But I kinda want to meet her friends... I guess I'm just cerious.. But.. If she thinks that it'd be bad, them I understand... But It makes me want to meet them even more >.< I guess it's in my rebilous nature. Lol honestly, I kinda want her to meet my friends, I'm cerious about what would happen.. But I don't think I'd introduce any of my guy friends to her because they would probably hit on her then I'd probably murder them lol. It would be kinda funny though, because all my friends are so different from me. The girls are all so happy, perverted and like the Weirdist things. Where as the guys I know just like to talk about sex all day, which is why I almost never talk to them unless we are doing something not sex related.. I don't think she'd like my friends to much... honestly, I the reason why I'm friends with completely different people is because well, I'm adaptive I guess. I mean, if I meet someone quiet, then I'd be quiet. I could literally be friends with anyone if they let me, but most of the ppl just hate me just because they can. lol I'm rambleing... I feel bad for anyone that ended up reading this.
Well, I'm out. maybe one day we could met each others friends. Lol we probably will. I know already that.. I want to marry her, I plan on it. And I really can't wait.. I love her so much.. I but hopefully in a few years... If she says yes, I'll marry her.. They day that happens, will be the best day of my life... <3

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