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Ok folks, Azumadruid here attempting to write down my tales of alchemy on Gaia.
At the moment I am a level 1 Alchemist with 4 xp.
Previously I have created Pink Cherry Earrings, a Philosopher's Cache, an Orb Aggregate, and an Aspiring Alchemist.
Right now I'm working on another Orb Aggregate (just need a few more orbs), an Oh My Pizza Box, I need about 8 more Harmless Spores and 3 more Orb Aggregates.
I've got another Philosopher's Cache in the works, just need some more Flamingo Feathers, Wing Tree Leaves, Branches, and Plastic.
(Yeah, I'm going ZOMG! grinding after I finish typing this smilies/icon_gonk.gif)
That should get me up to level 2
I also have a Valafor Academy Formula but I don't know if I'm going to create it.
And yes, I am subscribed to Lei Trigar's alchemy guide.

:scream: Bump if I glow! :whee: