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My Life, My Story, My Battle, My Path, My Past, My Journey, My Experiences, and My Heart. ♥
The Duke Saga Chapter 2
(This one is pretty emotional. This is the first time Raven was ever suicidal ever and like the only version of herself that would try getting her hurt was the Vampire Mode. Now both sides of herself are her enemy! There will be 3 more chapters of this and I'll get back to the main story some other time)

The Duke Saga Chapter 2


Suki no Vampire: The Duke Saga

Chp. 2 Another Day in the Life/Head like a Hole-Nine Inch Nails

I woke up abruptly that morning from a nightmare that made my pale white skin crawl and coated it in goosepimples! I shot up super fast like a ninja jumping in for the kill and launching. Once again, it was still dark out in the morning darker than before. We were in a new hotel but still in London. Instead of having to go in a saloon setting with escorts I had to go in a geisha house theatre in the area. My sparkling white moon skin was tinted with a heavy sweat. I was shinier than ever from the fear. I went into our rooms bathroom and took a bath. My uncle Dracula knew things were rough so he got me some magenta pink strawberry bubble bath imported from Japan. I relaxed in the tub full of murky pink fluid. My all black kimono robe draped into the floor for when I got out. I was humming and relaxing and playing in the water like when Shana had her first bath in Shakugan no Shana(look it up it's like the cutest thing you could ever see). As my foggy depressed head cleared I tried to recall the nightmare. I was dressed in a corset and panties only. I was tied up and bound in black leather bondage and I had my mouth gagged with a handkerchief in it. I was in pitch blackness. It was like The Max. It was darker than the darkest of nights but a white light from a bulb shown on me as I struggled and grumbled. It was the only light in sight! A man walked out from the darkness I couldn't see his face though. He had a balance of a southern French accent and a British accent.
"Well, well, well...It looks like I caught my prize. The fish is in the net."
I tried to scream at him as my eyebrows lowered into anger(my eyebrows usually look angry but they looked beyond pissed then).
"Ah, ah, ah, chere. I paid. I get it." A smirk glowed from the abyss. The teeth were white like bones and crooked. There was a small gap too. It was like the Cheshire Cat's smile but made of a bitter tasting poison and stuck daggers into my virgin vampire soul. He was flipping a coin with skill in his gloved hand.
Suddenly a sea of weird freaky ghost hands engulfs me.
The memory of the dream triggered my depression again. I wanted to die. I had no reason to exist. I looked around room after sobbing heavily and weakly. Crystal salt tears ran down my flushed lily white pale doll face. They came down like waterfalls of sorrow. They were so cold they burned. I saw a broken piece of glass. It was a chip that came off in the very corner and edge of the bathroom mirror. I came out of the tub. My drenched dark rose red locks darkened more and weighed more from the water. It was heavy as I dragged it with my naked body to the chip. I quickly snatched it in my skinny white hands.
"Think, Raven, think...why are you doing this?"
No answer. My lip trembled and I dug the razor in. The water was pink so it just looked pinker and redder from the blood so it would look normal even if it drained. I cried blood in agony. I felt like putting a steak to my broken heart. It was already destroyed forever anyways.

I stopped then I walked over to my uncle who was sleeping in his bed.
I kiss his glowy white forehead below his raven dark widow's peak and patted him. "Gomenasai..." I said with a heart heavy with regret.
I got rid of the evidence, bandaged my arm, and got ready to meet the contact again. This time it should go according to plan. What's the worst that could happen? It would be as bad as the last time...or so I thought!

It was a nightmare come to life that day.
The outfit assigned was a fiery kimono. It was mainly a small ninja's dress thing. It was dark rusty red as the main color with black tape ribbon sewn to the edges and patterned on the waist and chest moreso on the waist because the little black bow is on the lower back. The inside is an red orange blouse kimono with a black turtleneck collar to match the ribbons. The orange color cuts off at the shoulders. They are seperated by these edgy wavy lighter yellow marks that look like dragons and flames entwining in an Ouroboros like in Full Metal Alchemist. The sleeves are big and designed like a regular kimono sleeve. I also put on matching orange gloves to keep sanitary. I went to the mirror and dried my hair with a towel. It didn't curl this time but it was totally like shaggy and in a cool way! It was a bit glam rock or scene looking. I lightly trimmed and feathered my bangs. They were still mostly emo and side parted but thinner and crazier. I put on mild gray eyeshadow to give myself some Cover Girl smoky eyes. I put on a heavy amount of black liner to make raccoon eyes like a scene kid but before those actually existed. I put a clear strawberry balm on my lips since strawberry is my favorite flavor for everything obviously! (Ichigos for teh win!) I took a deep breath and stood up. The butt of the kimono felt tight on my curvy body. My butt is about as big as my huge boobs. I just groaned and tried to deal with it since I knew I was going to look a go-go dancer anyways.

I arrive to the building. It was big and black and had stairs leading to the cellar door. They were gray and powdery like the stuff you put in guns back then! I knock on the door. Some guy opens up a slit where we can only see his eyes like in a movie!
"What's the password?"
"Virgin Oil." I said smartly smiling all proud.
"First guess huh?" He opens the door.
A big burly guard walks up to me and looks me up and down like when a mother checks her child for dirt.
"Oh! No wonder! You're tonight's fire geisha! Come right in!" He said nicely and he surprisingly wasn't trying anything on me but then again it's his job to do this all the time.
So far so good.

We went to the back which was a series of old hotel rooms with paper walls. He took me to a hall with a bunch of doors. He knocked on the door with fire on it, opened it and let me in. I sat on a floor pillow. I was used to it since I was born in Japan. I sat on my knees with my hands politely in my lap waiting for my contact.
I hummed to myself as I looked around. For a place with paper walls and sex in it it was sure quiet. Thank god! My innocent ears were spared!
I started to think out loud.
"You know this place is pretty private. There's no way I won't be able to deliver the message! This is gonna be a a cake walk!" I said folding my arms and smiling. I closed my large purple pink eyes as I smirked heavily. My teeth were really white and glossy.

I heard a commotion in the hall. I couldn't hear exactly what they were saying but I KNEW they were coming. It was my contact. Things were going to go smoothly until my door was opened by a medium height man with a large black overcoat over his black button up suit. He had a frilly lace layered white cravat. He had matching black pants his clothes looked super expensive. He had short shaggy fluffy average brown hair. I was thrown off immediately but decided to ignore my instincts like the idiot I am.
"Ah! Ohayo! You must be the man I was looking for!" I said cheerfully smiling all cute and moe. I was blushing even more with the glow of happiness and relief. My pink apple cheeks turning more of a red apple hue against my round young white face. My lips still looked big, white/pink, and pouty even when I smiled and I always smile big and pretty!
"You're younger than expected or is that just how you look, milady?" He said taking off his black top hat and coat hanging them on the coat hanger by the door as it got locked.
I noticed he had a huge honker of a nose that looked like a demented crow's beak and gapped teeth.
"Please. You don't need to be old to do what I'm doing." I said innocently giggling and covering my mouth like the authentic Japanese lady I was. I really worked on my geisha and to speak in code on the off chance we were heard.
"I do quite agree, fiery one." He said easing himself right next to me instead of at the table and across from me so I could pass the paper.
That was weird too but I figured the contact was him being just anxious to get this out of the way because of the mistake I made the other day.
"Of course you do. You know exactly what we're talking about I presume?" I said thinking I was some an elegant genius in that moment.
"Oh, who doesn't?!" He said throwing back his head in laughter stopping when I politely shooshed him. His gap gleaming as he did. His smile was so big it practically touched his dark amber sideburns. It was scary!
"Nice cover. I can tell you worked on your end too. Would you like the prize now or later?" I told him while facing him.
I got a bit scared by how close we are.
"Well, I paid to be here. I'm used to getting what I want so yes I would like my prize now. fire geisha. What's your name?"
"You're kidding, right?" I said raising my natural red eyebrows in surprise.
"Why would I joke?" He said dead serious like a teacher.
"Okay. Gonna play along. I guess it's how you guys like to do this. You with build up and in code dialogue. Well, my name is Raven Mary. I would give you more but that's strictly confidential." I said getting serious looking too.
"Raven Mary, eh? I have never heard that name before. You must be new."
"Yes, I just finished training some time ago and now I am finally up to missions of most classes. I still make mistakes though!" I said scratching my Rapunzel blood locks. I blushed a bit more and looked like Naruto. I smiled a lot all nervous.
"Aha! That's so cute!" He said laughing loud once more.
I kept quiet while he did that time. He sounded as crazed as Willy Wonka(the older version not the Johnny Depp one).
"Don't make fun of me. It's not I didn't know what I was getting into...I'm not some little kid!" I said getting hot-headed wanting to pass on the message.
"Are you a virgin?" He asked like it was just a simple "How's the weather?" kind of question.
"WHAT. THE. ********?" I mouthed.
Then it dawned on me everyone thought I was a REAL geisha and FOR HIRE! My beauty and disguise were far too convincing!
"Playing dumb and virginal. Gotcha." He said winking as he put his arm around me.
"I'm not dumb!" I retorted infallibly. I got more and more upset. I could feel tears almost forming in my huge purple eyes.
"Shh~" He said leaning in trying to plant a kiss on me.
I pushed his dumb face away and screamed "NOOOO!!!"
"This has gone far enough. Shut up. Shut up! I get whatever I want whether or not I have to take it from you willingly!" He said furiously pinning me to the ground in a wrestling move.
"I want to paint you like one of those French girls I buy." He screamed.
"Hiyah!" I shouted as I wrapped my slender white legs around him then launching him into the paper wall. His head was the only thing that popped through.
"YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME! I get what I want! Even if it's people! You're the most beautiful flavor of geisha I have ever encountered but you are also the only one to strike me!" He said getting up and grabbing his cane to hit me with.
I moved more towards the door and jumped and dodged all his attacks.
"I SWEAR I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE! YOU WILL BE MY SLAVE, MARK MY WORDS RAVEN MARY FIRE GEISHA! I AM THE DUKE! I AM POWER! I AM LAW!" He yelled at me as I broke down the door and ran away faster than a blink. The guard went over to the rooms. He saw The Duke almost knocked out on the floor with his clothes askew.
"Wow. She really musta rocked your world." He said laughing as he felt the money in his hands.
"Be quiet...just be quiet." The angered, perverted, and rejected Duke said.

I went to the hotel and cried to my uncle again because he always listens!
"What happened now, butterbean?" He said hugging me understandingly.
"I...I couldn't get the contact again...mistakes keep happening...the...the contact doesn't show up it's always real men...real perverted evil men!" I broke down in his strong arms as he kissed my forehead a couple times like mom used to.
He sighed concernedly. His head was sweating with sadness against his chalky complexion. His slicked back black hair was shinier with the sweat. His red and black cape wrapped me all nice like a bear hug or a sleeping bag.
"Raven, what are we going to do? We have delayed so much. If it takes another day the mission has to go super quickly. Faster than us but faster! We can't take more risks with waiting!" He said focusing on the job all of the sudden.
"Risks? What about my risks? Being seen as an object and not a person...it makes me hate myself. I bring my glossy white hands to my face to wipe my raindrops of pain.
My kimono sleeve slipped revealing my bandaged arm.
He gasped knowingly all scared and stuff. His red reflecting vampire eyes glowed with surprise and fear.
"What...what happened? Did the bad man hurt you?"
"No..." I said looking away ashamed at the damage I had done.
"Then who?"
My puffy sweet pink lips trembled and my eyes got bigger and shinier like a kicked puppy's. My eyebrows were lowered and flat and serious.
I took a deep high-pitched sigh.
As I said it out loud my face crumbled with guilt. "It was...it was me. I did it. ME!" I confessed to my sins.
I burst into tears and we cried together.
If only therapy had been invented way back then...

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