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Dream Entry #1
Had the shittiest dream last night. Dreamt that a black widow bit me and the only one around was my ex. He just kept laughing, as I turned purple, then black, and was shriveling up. The only way for me to have survived was for him to suck the venom out of my wrist, and we both knew that. It didn't have to be intimate, but it was required for my survival. He laughed, knowing that I finally relied on him, like he relied on me once, and left me alone, like I did to him. I could hear his thought process. I don't know what hurt me more at that moment, that he wouldn't help at all, or the broken thoughts emanating from his mind. He walked away, leaving me crying in a pit. 
     I was a ghost, watching him fall asleep. As he was sleeping the black widow crawled along his face,  biting him in the forehead. He immediately woke up, and saw me floating above him. He screamed out for me to help, but I couldn't do anything, as I was a ghost. He saw me reaching out to help, and knew that I wanted to help as badly as he needed my help. As I drifted awake, his last thought was "I shouldn't have walked away" 

.... Does this mean I've made a mistake?