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"...A wind picked up and carried my voice away."

Kitsune Doll
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What's Your Animal?
FIRST, think of your personality as it is today and describe yourself in at least 3-5 words that aren't too similar to eachother.
Example: Sexy, Bitchy, Smart, and Loving
Anti-Example: Kind, Nice, Funny, and Hilarious

SECOND, take a look at the animal Suborder list below and study the words that go with a specific Suborder. Each Sub has a list of at least 10 descriptions.
Choose the Suborder that matches the most words you chose for yourself( even if they have a similar meaning.)

Some people may match two Suborders EQUALLY, so you would have two and not one. In rare cases, a person may have many Suborders EQUALLY(more than 2) o-o, which would automatically make you a shape-shifter....
Example 1: Canine
Example 2: Rodent and Dog
Anti-Example: Catdog

HINT: Press CTRL + F to help you find things a bit faster.

AMPHIBIAN/FISH- Follower, Fast, Easygoing, Simple, Spontaneous, Social, Loner, Quiet, Boring, Peaceful

AVIAN(BIRD) - Fast, High, Fierce, Magical, Pretty, Beautiful, Fly, Cute, Easygoing, Scary, Loud, Peaceful, Messy

CANINE(DOG) - Fast, Fun, Loving, Social, Cute, Playful, Loyal, Athletic, Feisty, Funny, Dependable, Fierce, Loud, Fat

FELINE(CAT) - Loving, Sweet, Lazy, Spontaneous, Playful, Fun, Funny, Cute, Sexy, Sly, Slender, Fat, Clean, Tidy

FOX - Sexy, Sly, Cunning, Wise, Mischievous, Sneaky, Fun, Feisty, Loving, Social, Loner, Hotheaded, Defensive, Tidy, Low, Picky

RODENT - Short, Cute, Fun, Sneaky, Mischievous, Fast, Versatile, Low, Quiet, Small, Innocent, Low, Hide, Loner, Social, Coward, Annoying, Healthy, Picky, Athletic

REPTILE - Slow, Sly, Boring, Tough, Strong, Wise, Gross, Dangerous, Wild, Freaky, Serious, Coldhearted, Untrustworthy, Sexy, Dirty, Badass

WOLF - Fast, Loner, Social, Loyal, Leader, Strong, Tough, Serious, Fierce, Loving,
Scary, Big, Courageous, Winner

Not Completely Satisfied? Still Wanting to know more about yourself?

THIRD, think of your birth month. Is it a month that has: Snow? Falling leaves? Hot weather? Rainy days? Look in the chart below and determine what elemental power you naturally own by matching the season to your Suborder ;D

User Image


Q: I got 1 as a Cat, 2 as a Dog, and 1 as a Reptile
A: You're a Dog.

Q: What am I as a rodent? I sound icky and annoying...
A: You can be anything from a mouse to a bunny.

Q: My favorite animal is not what I ended up as...
A: That's like being blonde when you always liked brunette color better. This was for fun, so don't worry about it.

Q: If I am a shapeshifter, shouldn't I shapeshift elements too?
A: Elements are based on your birth month's main season. If there's two types of weather (rainy and snowy), then it's fair to have those two elements under the list of your suborder.

Q: If I am a shapeshifter, do I only shapeshift into the things I matched?
A: Yes. Unless you master the others by training, then you can shapeshift into those too.

Q: I matched nothing.
A: You're in denial of your animal. Or you should choose different descriptive words.

Q: I chose a bunch of words to describe myself. Is that cheating?
A: That's not cheating and it's totally fine.

Q: What's my breed?
A: If you want to know what your breed is, it's best to just choose on your own what you'd like to be. Example: Rodent - Field Mouse; Feline - Persian

Q: If I chose many descriptions and got many different animals, for example, 5 for a cat and 6 for a dog and 4 for a reptile, does that mean I could be all three?
A: If you matched many due to choosing alot of descriptions, you should still treat it as the 3-5 rule. 1 for cat and 2 for dog is the same ratio as 4 for cat and 5 for dog.

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