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So, I broke up with my boyfriend today...which, along with that, was forced to stop talking to one of my closest friends because he was my ex's best friend first. That really sucks, because while I'm going to miss both of them a hella lot, I shouldn't have to give up a friendship because one doesn't want any contact with me. I mean, we always talked about if we were to break up(HaHa) we would defs want to stay friends, because we meant so much to each other, unless the breakup was over something huge. Apparently, I wasn't meant to take that seriously. He doesn't even want to text me to let me know what's going on, after I asked him why he was blaming it on one of my/his best friends. Like, he wanted her to help him get me back, and she told him it was a lost cause, but explained I would want to be friends at least, and he bitches her out for her honest response. So of course, I text him and say "Listen, Kayleigh doesn't need to be brought into this, if you want to try to work something out, you need to call me. Not her. She doesn't know what's going on." and he just doesn't respond AT ALL. but whatever.