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The Things From A Monster
Just a place to put thing. Such as my Oc's, freebies info, some received art maybe, and shop info.
[tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab]When all is silent, we are laughing

■▫ This is the main page for my OC group called NOIZ.

*[-] = I'm still deciding

Leader: female | Chainsaw | Marz

____| Other Refs:[x][x][x]
Age: [-]
Personality: [-]
-Received Art-

N: Male | Bat | [-]

____| Other Refs: In a nutshell of a gif
Personality: The strategist and worry wort of the group. N generally keeps his mouth zipped because all he seems to do is complain about the safety of the group and how they are going about doing things. Order is what he likes, nothing is more satisfying than knowing a plan went out well. That is until he get's pushed to far and looses it. He tends to get a little hyped when he get's pushed to his limit and starts to get out of hand with his bat. He's a close combat person, he'd rather be up close to know he's finished off what he started than risk them surviving.
-Received Art-

O: Male | Gun(x2) | [-]

____| Other Refs:
Age: Unknown but looks to be between 18 - 20 years old.
Personality: Generally always quite with only a few gestures has a response to most things unless it's necessary to talk. He's the "Shoot now, don't wast time asking questions." Kind of guy, trigger happy and has a straight on aim. He like's to shoot anything that will move really: bugs, birds, falling leaves, and cats. If it's moving and it doesn't matter, it's just a moving target in his eyes. He doesn't like to listen very often unless it's direct orders from Marz, she is the only one he see's has a person of greater standing than him. When it comes to N's plans he'd rather just bust in and shoot the place up, casualties are something he doesn't care for. He has a soft voice that doesn't reach higher than a whisper when he talks, loud enough to be heard by who he want's to hear him.
-Received Art-

I: Male | [-] | [-]

____| Other Refs:
Personality: [-]
-Received Art-

Z: Male | [-] | [-]

____| Other Refs:
Personality: [-]
-Received Art-

Background story of what they are based around:
Based in a world where a virus has spread and made people of the world mad and mutated; turning them savage like and dangerous. There are those who hunt the one's who are to far gone, working for the head organization created to protect the uninfected citizens of Zint's. Once of the few places that are safe havens in the world. The head organization is only known to the citizens of all safe heavens has "The Counsel." They control all the people of each city, keeping them in and under control. The one's working for each city are known has "Hurtz" they are a strict group who do what they are told and only hunt because they are told to.
There are rouge groups who could be called bounty hunters in a sense. Doing the job for the money or just for the fun of it. The main rouge group is called Noiz consisting of 5 people, 4 guys and one girl. The leader of the group is Marz, she is one who is infected but hasn't gone completely mad from it. Each person in Noiz is infected but uses it to an advantage rather than giving into it and being a mindless savage like the one's who are mindless with infection.

*Derp I'll write more if needed for now i'm to lazy to write anymore eu e;; so tired I am.
** NO they don't have super powers and stupid s**t like that v__v they can't fly, shoot lazer beems out of their eyes, or control the weather. (X-Men =w =lol) They are enhanced. More strength, smarter, faster, and stuff like that. (we can rebuild him!lol)

Everything is still under construction -v - just wanted to get this up before I forgot XD;; Once I get more refs and art of my Oc's finished and just bought from art shops in general I will be making each of them a photo album in pb until then only links -w -

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