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shawty why we gotta creep around when u know i luv u so very much. trust me baby. u know u love me too so why all the secrets of our relationship baby trust me i dun care what other ppl have to say or think all tht matters is tht we love each other so plz baby girl lets let our loveness glow like a shining star. together we can take on this world. uck all the he said, she said trust in me baby an i'll trust in u. ur my one and only girl. when ur gone i text u every second. when u call me we talk on the phone for what seems like an eternity jus the sound of ur voice makes my heat skip a beat. when we're together out on the town u make my palms sweat i blush at every sweet thing u say to me baby girl tell me why we gotta hide our love. - this is my freestyle R&B i made last night after no hours of sleep :3 hope u liked reading it