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Hello and welcome to this full-blown, full descriptive (hopefully) of what I wish to be done. I've placed everything I can possibly think of that I wan't done, specifically. And since you are here. That means you are brave and skilled enough in the art of artistic ways to do so. So without further waiting...

Name: Hamilton J.

Age: 21

Height: 6'2''

Eye color: Bright silver

Skin color: White, but slightly tan.

Body Type: Athletic (some muscle tone-age is welcome)

Eyebrows?: Same color as hair, however I MAAYY or MAY NOT ask to see them as white or somewhere near white.

Teeth: ..White ;D and sharp canine ..Or fangs for the untrained DX, But not vampire like fangs. Just..Sharp..canine?

Hair: Darkish blue with few sky blue highlights, here are reference photo's:



At this point. This is where it gets interesting ..At least for me, because I get to have the fun of explaining while you get the fun of understanding. XD.

Like that, Only..Without the decal. INSTEAD..I would like this same said top to be DARK-DENIM-BLUE ..Or a really dark blue (we can play with the darkness of the blue if needed) With the sleeves themselves being short, being right above the elbow. And for the collar area, (Where it's decorated blue in the picture) To be a gray. For UNDER the top, I would like there to be a black long sleeve shirt that's snug to the skin.

For the waist: A short gray sash that just ties it all together per-say

For the pants: Mainly but without the buckle, but you can do the sash in that style,and Do Not do the boots DX. Mostly to give an idea. Frontal:
First picture design and all, with the colors in request to be of: DARK..DENIM..BLUE.Same as the upper.

AND FOR THE FEET ..Well Shoes:
Pretty much like this, only black.

Special Details that I REALLY WANT..

To go with the hair, I would love if you had placed a Padawan Braid attached to it, and going down over the right shoulder (Or if they he were facing me, The left side) with two beads, one in the middle and one at the bottom. one being orange, the other white, Reference photo:

Pose: Seeing as this is the first photo to be done, I would like for him to be facing forward (Or at you ..Us..me, you get it DX) grinning

Any questions at all. feel free to ask, I am always willing to answer, even if it's something like 'Whats his bulge size?'

Cold Blooded Inferno
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