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whew ok so ummmm the hurricane has passed and now on to my important thingys lol me and the rest of the girls all had to stay in the school gym till the hurricane passed which was fun for a bit i was the only bi girl in the whole gym and the entire school campus sooo uhhmmm let's jus say the rest of the girls had no clue tht i was a bi so they all had questions about how and why i became a bi sexual i explained it to them in a way they could understand to my surprise i had a few girls come outta now where saying they've kinda had a crush on me but were afraid to tell me i was flattered to hear tht but im only wanting to focus on my studies rightnow hehe this kinda reminded me of a manga i read called ai ore! it's about two star crossed lovers ones a boyish looking girl and the other is a girlish looking boy the boyish lookin girl is the lead singer of an all girl band bleu rosen an she attends an all girls school where she's known as the prince of the girls school lol kinda weird and yet somehow i feel like im mizuki hehe *blushes* >////<