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A window into my madness
Fane is the name and making blogs is my game.
Attacked by an evil entity
Mood: WTF?
Music: Blow me away-Breaking Benjamin
So I'm out running errands and low and behold I am attacked by a dark mass.
I'm in the washroom and some dude comes in, sounds like a dude ( by the voice of him talking to himself) and I think nothing of it, then as I go to leave I feel an urge to turn around behind me and there emanating from behind me was a big black mass that was suppose to be some dude. But that sure as hell was not some dude. I figured just go, but it followed me and literally sucked the life from me and left me feeling so tired and well drained. I was starving, despite the fact that I had literally just ate a big meal like 5 min ago. Good thing my research into he paranormal has taught me to shoo away this mass. Still, I have not run into a darker energy like that in years. Oh well I guess this is part of the package of doing paranormal researcher and poking your nose in darker aspects of life. Should you run into what I did I highly recommend grounding your self, (if you able to) call upon gods help and leave right away.

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Michelle was here
Community Member

Wed Aug 29, 2012 @ 04:33am

When did this happen?

Fane is the name
Community Member

Wed Aug 29, 2012 @ 11:52pm

Around 9.

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