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Read at you own risk... xD
okay, so i've known Malikhi for probably about a month or two now and hes like my bestest friend ever, too bad i still don't know his first name cuz that b***h won't tell me <3 LMFAO, alright, well this kid is like the sweetest kid i have ever met , like what is not too like about him , hes like the perfect guy. when i am going through a tough time or a struggle, hes always right there for me,helping me through it, and he knows it goes vice versa. I NEVER get mad at this kid ever, i cant , he does nothing wrong in my eyes LMFAO, except makes me laugh. He is literally like my other half. he doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Thats why if he ever does fully quit, i'd probably cry .. No lie, hes my best friend <3 <3 <3
~ Kendra <3

So0o , this is Ariana hacking my mejor amigo , Ali .
Just to let you know , you have truly earned the title of being my mejor amigo .
In english , my best friend . You are the best of friends that I've ever had online.
If only it was in rl . But It's okay , I won't trip . You're forever with me in my heart .
You've made me laugh when I was down . Stayed positive in negative situations & always helped me remember that God was with me , always . You'd made such a big impact on me , & I hope to have done the same with you . I can literally tell you anything & know that you wouldn't judge me . I know that I'm overly insecure , but you've helped me overcome that . I notice the little things in life , & I noticed that you would always manage to slip in a little compliment here & there when I needed it . Thank you .
I know that we don't talk as much as we used to , but I can't even tell you how much I loved spending every minute with you . All the days on gaia , getting on each others accounts in rally . Staying up late on skype , talking about nothing & everything .
I can be myself with you , & that's what I love . Today , this world wants to change you into something your not . Even though I don't live by you or will be with you , don't be molded by this world . You are perfectly imperfect , just the way you are . Just the way I found you two years ago , and just how you'll be years from now . When we'll both have forgotten this website , & have beautiful lives to live .

Your mejor amiga ,
Ariana ;*

Dear beloved Malikhi, (( i think i spelt that wrong lol))
well let me just start off by saying how much you've helped me. through the tears and late crappy skype calls (lol) you've always been there for me, even though you live in DRY a** CANADA PUNK a** b***h. jk &3 well im glad that you stayed my friend yo. you've been like a blessing to me tbh ;o and im always here whenever you need me! you're sweet, kind, friendly, dumb as hell, and one of my best friends. you also put up with me in a way no one else has. lolz xD listening to me jam to MB can be challenging ;o lol. but seriously, thanks for always being there for me.

- Alright , this is Valarie , & I just wanted to make something a little clear . Malikhi is by far , one of the most amazing guys I have ever met . He has a heart , and he really cares . He listens and understands . If you don't believe me , then read his poems . He has a talent . He was there for me when nobody else was , and I am so lucky to have met him in my life . I remember we added each other as friends and him being online here and there , but we never really talked . His status's are what caught my eye . His little quotes , him expressing his feelings , the trouble he was going through and the good times . Then one day I decided to talk to him , and then Bam . Just like that , he caught my attention , Caused me to take a second look , and then every day after that we talked like we had known each other forever .&3 When I get the chance , I am going to try Poutine , a Canadian dish , because it's something Malikhi likes , and hopefully one day , he will try Chili fries , American style (;
Malikhi is my boo bear even though when I hug him he likes to be stubborn and not hug baack . But in his head , he's like , scooooree (; His laugh is SO cute , when he showed me tinychat , I heard him laugh & that brought a smile to my face . I don't have mic so0o we just chatted . If I did I would sing to him & in return I'd hope to hear him rap (; He's been a blessing in my life because before I met him I was going through some hard times , and when he entered it was like all of that went away .
Malikhi , I'm so glad you're in my life because I can't imagine it without you . I love you so muchhh &3 You are such an amazing guy & any girl would be lucky to have you (: Bye booogerr &3

FYI; This guy is AMAZING . GetToKnowHim , you won't be disappointed .ilysfm,
-Val (;

I really love this kid, Malikhi. He means
everything to me and he is really why I
come on Gaia, because I always want to
talk to him .-. I tell him everything v.v I love
him sooooooooooooo much, like .-. &3 &3 &3
&3 &3 &3 &3 &3 &3 We go on tinychat all the
freaking time and like. Yeah. He always calls
me beautiful, but when he calls me pretty I go
off on him. My about me hack is so gay so this
is why I em making this plus I'm very bored
..The one reason I question our friend ship
is how I love One Direction and you call them
gay, so watch it .. OKAY BYE I LOVE YOU SO
SO SO SO MUCH &3 &3 &3 -
-Joannaa &33 (;

Hey Hoes And Dicks. this be JESSIE hacking my home boy Malikhi. hes sooooooooooooooooooooo amazinggg&33. I know that werve had a rough past with our friendship, but i really just wanted to thank you for coming back & always being there for me. I know your somewhere out there. Somewhere faaar awaaay. I want You Back. I Want You Back. MY neighbors think im crazy. but they dont understand. Your All I Had. Your All I Had. At night when the stars light up my room, i sit by myself. TALKING TO THE MOOOOOOOOOOHHOHHOHOHOOOOON. Tryna get to YOOOOOOOOHOHOHOHOOOOOU. in hopes your on the other side, talking to me too. OR am i a fool ? whos sits by myself. Talking to the moon. (: LOOOOL. were listening to this Right now. &3333 Your SOOOOOO funny Ali. Like ohhhhhmyyyyygggggaaaaaaaaaaawd.&3 But anywayyyysssss. You akways know how to make me smile. & you give me the best advice. So. UHHH. THANKS HOE. (: I hope this hack is good enough. loool. ~~ OHHHH ~~ & if any of you hoes hurt him, ill have to kill you. K ? Bye. So Yeah. Malikhi. Ill always be here for you. You can come to me, and tell me anything. When you&Justine come to my house for a sleepover, i get the middle. no questions asked. (: well stay up alllll night long and tell stories, laugh, EAT, ~~~fuuuuuck~~~. & yeee. & SING. (: we could all like sing and dance and be gangstas and sag our pants like them niggas. But Yee. Your My Best Friend.So Yup. k well. im ganna go sing to you on TC. so Bye b***h.

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