found kitten/heartless mother

So today i went to the state fair and had a pretty good time until exhaustion took over and we had to come home early. My mom took my siblings to take care of the animals on the farm since my ankle is still sprained. Weirdly enough i heard screaming when they came home, but not from them but of an aura and energy from the kitten they found. My mom and dad fought for over an hour! Dad wanting to help it, Mom not giving a s**t about it! I took it upon myself and screamed at my dad to go get it and he told me that wed wait 2 hours to see if the mother reclaimed it. Surely enough the mother left it to die. What upset me though is MY mother is heartless!!!! She yells at us to get rid of it when we're saving its life! Why this disturbs me so is she is always pushing me to help others and that im the savior of animals but yet she wants me to abandon the kitten as well wven though its eyes and ears arent even open yet! HOW ******** SICK AND HEARTLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!